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5 Ways To Meditate In a Non-Traditional Way

Want to get an eye roll? Mention the word mediation in a group setting and watch the different levels of eye-rolling that occur!

Two or three people will roll their eyes at the concept, someone else will roll their eyes at them (because clearly, they don’t know the impact meditation can have), and yet another will roll their eyes because “they don’t know how to meditate and sit there in silence.”

At one point or another, I’ve been each one of these eye-rollers!

When I was told to meditate and raise my vibration, I thought the lady was a CRAZY! I didn’t believe in psychics or meditation, and I had no clue why she was talking about my vibrational frequency (what did that even mean?)

Then, when I tried to meditate, I had no clue what I was doing! I had no guidance, no course, no direction. Still, I tried!

Once I “learned” to meditate, it changed my life. I became more calm, centered, and my intuition exploded! It was such a beautiful time in my life!

I am here to tell you that you can practice non-traditional forms of meditation until you get to the point that you CAN sit with music or in stillness to connect with your intuition while letting go of the external world. This is where we find that “peace” everyone talks about!

5 non-traditional ways to meditate

  1. Go for a long run/walk!

  2. Visualize! Visualize your desired life as if you’re already in it! Feel it, be in it, let it bring a smile to your face, babe! This one is sure to raise your vibration if done right and is used by many athletes, celebs, and master manifesters to step into their desired lives!

  3. Just be in nature!

  4. Say affirmations to the point of getting lost in them (this one works best while walking/driving/running, etc.)

  5. Something mundane! Doing the dishes, folding laundry, washing the car, anything that takes your mind off the world around you and allows you to just BE!

Protip? Use visualization during running/walking! The two together raise your vibration substantially and help you remain in that start for a bit longer!

I hope these help you to let go of some stress, manifest your best life, and get closer to your intuition! If you’re working on a money mindset, these are great tips for focusing and honing in on your abundance mindset and business goals!

Love you SO much,


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