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Easy Shower Meditation Steps

Easy Shower Meditation Steps

I am aware that not everyone loves to meditate, but I am also mindful that it’s imperative for the soul. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t meditate to clear the mind. We meditate to make space for the soul. Sometimes making space for your soul means feeling your emotions; other times, it means letting go of what isn’t serving you. Today I am going to give you an easy meditation you can do in the shower to cleanse and recharge your energy, making more space for your soul light to shine!

Why this shower meditation works

Water is pure, cleansing, and healing. It is also a conduit of energy! When we need to let go of attachments, limiting beliefs, or even just the day, we can easily “wash” it away. If healing is what we need, then we can move emotions, baggage, or illness through our body to thrive in our own soul light!

We are energy, and water is a conduit of energy!

When we use water to cleanse and recharge, we amplify our intentions by volumes! Setting an intention and using visualization is the most powerful thing we can do. I use it all the time to manifest, and I teach others to use this technique too because it works!

Most guided meditations use a combination of seeing, feeling, and intention setting. The Shower meditation is no different. We will use the soap and water to signify washing away all that doesn’t serve us. The water will also act as divine golden energy to recharge our physical and spiritual bodies!

This quick and easy shower meditation will cleanse your energy, recharge your soul, and align you with divine light!

  1. Before entering the shower, just take a few deep breaths and acknowledge yourself.

  2. Give thanks for the water you have, this moment to yourself, and the opportunity to live another day.

  3. When you enter the shower, set the intention to cleanse and recharge your energy.

  4. Next, step into the water and visualize it rinsing away anything on your physical body that does not belong there. Be sure to face forward and backward.

  5. As you wash, set a real intention to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you.

  6. Let go of limiting beliefs, cords, negative conversations, or even the day before.

  7. See yourself wicking away all of the energy that has stuck to you that isn’t yours.

  8. See dirty energy, sadness, guilt, or whatever emotion that comes up for you washing down the drain.

  9. Next, stand in the water facing the water.

  10. Visualize this water as golden energy raining down on your body. See this water cleansing and recharging your soul.

  11. Smile and give thanks once again for this moment, this pure resource, and the divine energy that just cleansed and healed your entire being!

That’s it! A quick and simple meditation to start or end your day on a clean and energetically clear note!

Have a beautiful day, babes!

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