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Let's Work Together!

Sometimes the "woo-woo" is just a little too "woo" to understand. I am here to change that and bring spirituality back down to Earth!​


Let me be blunt with you: I had no clue what I was doing when I started my spiritual journey! I didn't know how to meditate (or why I needed to), I didn't know what a spirit guide was, and I didn't believe in the power of using affirmations and journaling to change my mindset. I wasn't even sure I believed in mediumship...all I knew was I was struggling, and it was time for a change. 

A litte about how I started coaching!

I was 23, depressed, new baby, and my intuitive senses and depression were starting to take over my life. I truly thought I was losing it, so I got myself reading, and within the first 5 minutes, she confirmed everything I had felt for years without me saying a word. 

After that reading, I dove deep into the spiritual rabbit hole and made it my mission to change my mindset. I joined memberships, paid for programs, and found corners of the interwebs that were more "woo-woo" than I care to go into. 

much of it was not very helpful if I'm honest. 

When I started intuitive coaching, I knew I was doing it to help people transform their lives with the help of spirit, something different than I had ever seen before.


Working with me isn't your typical life, business, or even intuitive coaching. You can't focus on one area if you want to fully untether your spirit and access lasting transformation.  

I learned through my journey that when you work on yourself, then your intuition will flourish in beautiful ways. 


As you do this, your life becomes easier because now you have different perspectives, support, and guidance available to you! Ideas for business and career have a way of easily revealing themselves to you because of this. 


However, without: 

  • Raising your vibration

  • Doing the inner work

  • Removing the blocks 

  • Working directly with your team


You can keep running into the same patterns and situations that keep you stuck in a cycle you've desperately been trying to break out of. 


Sound familiar?


When people come to me for coaching, they have goals in mind:

  • Business

  • Relationship

  • Intuitive development

  • Mediumship Development

  • Generally getting and feeling happier

  • Manifestations

  • And the list goes on. 


I always warn people that we will focus on more than just one area because your guides are going to take us deeper and deeper with each session. Your spirit team GUIDES ME IN YOUR SESSIONS. 

THIS is why my coaching changes lives because we work directly with your spirit! THIS is how we make lasting change. THIS is how you uplevel, transform and transcend the bullsh*t life has been throwing at you. 

Of course, I will be your friend and your coach. I will give you tools, homework, and support along the way! I will channel for you, guide you, help you logistically, and give you all my knowledge of business, life, and spirit. 

Our sessions will be free-flowing and casual but incredibly impactful. We will laugh and cry together. We might even go from conversation to channeling to energy healing all in the same call! 

Every coaching session, whether for intuitive development, mindset, or business coaching, is a group effort between your spirit team, your higher self, and me. 

We make lasting transformations because you learn your patterns, how to receive the guidance you need (even if you don't come to me for all that "psychic" stuff), and how to shift from moment to moment. 

The work I do with my coaching students is exactly what I did to change my life. When I got a grip on my intuitive gifts, learned to really shift my mindset, and worked with my inner child, I unlocked a level of life I had NO IDEA was in the cards for me! 

I want you to see this for yourself! Coaching is a commitment to yourself and an investment in your happiness, and it will create massive shifts in your family life as well. 

I see the most transformation when working together for a year because it takes time - layer by layer, lesson by lesson, pattern by pattern. However, any investment and time, and commitment you give to yourself are worth it, and you deserve this time to build a relationship with your higher self and shift your life! 

So, are you ready to do this? What best fits your commitment to yourself?

Work With Me!

Payment plan available on the checkout page! 

Payment plan available on the checkout page! 

Payment plan available on the checkout page! 

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