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Mediumship Reading

  • 1 h
  • 250 US dollars
  • Phone Call

Service Description

Mediumship Reading A true mediumship reading is about receiving loving guidance to help us heal on a soul level, to help move us towards our greatest purpose, and to help us get clear on our life thus far and moving forward. This loving guidance comes from not only our higher-selves but also our spirit team and loved-ones passed. When spirit shows up for you during this session they are bringing through only messages of unconditional love, light, and guidance towards your best and highest path. Many people are surprised to find out that spirit will bring up things from their past that weren’t even on their mind, this is because on a soul level your spirit knows what has been left undone and needs your attention to begin to surface and ultimately heal. I go into the reading with the intention to bring you clarity, to find out what you MOST need to know, and to help you heal along this life’s path. I also ask that your spirit team provide you life guidance and direction moving forward. Mediumship readings have been said to provide more healing than a year’s worth of therapy because our soul speaks directly to us in these moments. (Though they should not be replaces with professional medical advice) We often find closure from loved ones passed and are provided with the most sacred messages from the highest Source. If you feel called to get a mediumship reading please show up with an open heart so that your team may give you all the beautiful direction and important messages they came to provide. How A Mediumship Reading With Me Works! I have strong boundaries for those in spirit which means I ONLY work with those in the light. I only allow through those that are unconditionally loving, bring about healing vibrations, and are tuned into the frequency of love. A mediumship reading with me will last up to one hour and typically starts with guidance from your spirit guides and higher-self (the Source part of you). Things to note during your mediumship reading: Before your mediumship reading, you may submit up to three questions if you’re coming to get guidance on a particular area of life. If you choose to do this please submit via email before your session as mentioned before I start before I call you. Questions are an option and are not required we can always do a general reading to see who and what information comes through! More info and schedule link provided at purchase.

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Virginia, USA

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