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3 Ways To Meet Your Spirit Guides Today

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

3 Ways To Meet Your Spirit Guides Today

Let’s talk about spirit guides for a minute! If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that my spirit guides are my go-to resource for guidance and direction. It’s easy for me to feel their love and presence when my ego gets in the way and I can’t connect with my higher self the way I want to.

I am really good at what I do, but even for us mediums, our ego can, at times, get in the way of a clear connection with the Source part of us. The ego’s interference can have us second guessing ourselves, doubting our worth, and can impact much of our lives. It’s whole job is to hold us in place and keep us “safe,” even if that means being comfortably uncomfortable.

I always recommend you learn to connect with your Higher-self before your spirit guides because this relationship raises your vibration and gives you the discernment for your intuitive connections. That said, when the ego just won’t stop, you can always turn to your guides for support!

You can even ask your spirit guides to help quiet your ego!

Here are 3 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Guides!

1. Start asking for them to be present in your life throughout the day.

Your spirit guides don’t want to overstep, so they likely won’t interfere or intervene until you ask them to. They love you unconditionally and don’t want to scare you or mess with your free will. Start talking to them like they are friends throughout the day! Ask for help, and guidance, tell them your wories, desires, etc. They can hear you even if you can’t hear or feel them yet!

The more you do this, the more inclined you are to get intuitive hits, gentle nudges, claircognizant hits, and so on. Your relationship with your spirit guides is just like any other! Clear communication is key!

2. Ask for clear-cut signs!

One way your guides can communicate that they are with you before you energetically or intuitively connect with them is through gifts and signs!

When you’re wondering if they are around or if they heard you, ask for a sign that is specific to you! For example, instead of a penny, ask for dimes, blue butterflies, and certain birds/animals.

Remember, be open to how they gift them to you it could be people talking, billboards, those items at your feet, or someone giving them directly to you! Spirit works with energy and impressions; they aren’t human, so they have to get creative with their communication with you!

3. Figure out their calling card!

This one is a little more advanced and will require some work from both sides! You will want to get into a receptive state (ground, clear, connect, protect, meditate!)

Ask your guide to step into your energy field! Ask that they give you a body sensation, picture, or feeling to help you know when they are around. This exercise is so fun, I do spirit guide sessions to help guide you through the process of learning to meet a specific guide! The results are always incredible, even for first timers!

Your spirit guides can support you in all areas of life call on them when you’re confused, need relationship help, need direction, or even when you want help enhancing your intuitive gifts! (All about how to utilize them for this purpose in the Intuitive Development Course!)

If you’re ready to connect with your guides you can enroll in the Spirit Guide Workshop, set up a spirit guide connection session, or if you’re realllllllllyyyyyy ready to get the ball rolling start the Intuitive Development And Progression Course today!

It includes 1 complimentary coaching call AND the spirit guide workshop mentioned above. It takes you deep into understanding how each segment of your intuition works and how to tap into it. This course also provides you the tools to work past all that fear and doubt to access the beauty that is your life that is LED by your intuition. (Sale ends this Sunday!)

It’s basically like having me face to face as your personal coach via video! See ya inside!



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