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Burnt out? Shift In 5 Minutes!

Spiritual burnout is a real thing and can take you down! Spiritual burnout feels like pure exhaustion, crippling fatigue, rampant emotions, and constant overstimulation for me.

In 2016 I wrote a blog post about the spiritual burnout I was navigating and how it led me to do this work full-time!

That spiritual burnout was a total gift!

It taught me that burning out means we are disconnected from what our mind, body, and spirit need. My burnout taught me about my relationship with myself and how to notice when I am out of alignment. Burnouts aren't necessarily a good thing, but they can reveal so much to us!

In this Spirited Life Podcast episode, we will talk about spiritual burnout, why it happens, and how you can regroup in 5 minutes! Listen, friends, I know how hard and debilitating it can be; let's reset together!


Want to deepen your journey?

For all things spiritual understanding, intuitive development, self-acceptance, and removing blocks, I recommend you start with

For all the deep-diving with your spirit, core wound healing, inner-child work, and re-writing your blueprint, The Sacred Self Healing Journey is perfect for you!

Already have a good grip on your intuition, and you're ready to give professional readings?

You will learn the ins and outs of giving and closing readings, getting specific and evidential messages, and even how to start your own professional practice!

More of a one-on-one type of person? Perfect!

I offer private coaching to those who are determined to level up, connect with their deepest layers, and totally transform! Schedule your sessions here!

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