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How To Shift! Call In Your Higher-Self!

Shifting ain't easy, baby! If it were, everyone would do it!

It takes heart, dedication, commitment, and accountability.

Sometimes just saying those words can feel overwhelming. There are times when I lack drive or feel overwhelmed by just the thought of my day to day. I get it; trust me!

I notice that when I am out of alignment with my spiritual practice, it can feel like the world is crashing around me with the thought of doing even the simplest of tasks. Every time I feel this way, I check in with my Higher-self.

Questions I ask my higher self for big shifts and guidance:

  • I notice I am overwhelmed. Have I been showing up for myself consistently?

  • Is there anything I haven't been doing that I know truly serves me when I make time for it? (My morning routine, quiet time before everyone wakes up, journaling, meditation, etc.)

  • What have I been doing that I know doesn't serve me? (Overcommitting, too much scrolling, engaging with people who drain my energy, too much caffeine, alcohol, sleep schedule, etc.)

  • I will give myself 10 minutes right now to tune into my energy. Show me how I can clear it and what my natural calm state of being feels like!

  • Is there anything I am avoiding that my body, spirit, or spirit team is trying to convey to me? If so, help me receive those messages!

These little check-in's can make the biggest impact!

They remind you to slow down and check in with your energy! Where is it? Is it here with you, or is it in the past, future, or work? Even if you have the longest to-do list in the world, you can still find peace at this moment simply by connecting with the you that is you. Your higher self!

These questions will help you, but learning to FEEL your own energy and understand your intuition will change everything for you!

True happiness comes from within and within you lies your spirit - your soul - your higher self.

When in alignment with it, you feel instantly at peace, more connected to everything around you, your awareness is naturally expanded, and you're more in touch with the vibration of the universe, God, Source...whatever you want to call her.

Happiness is an inside job, and babe, believe it or not, the universe is in there, just waiting to connect to you.

I say it all the time you can't manifest without working with your intuition. You can't expand your intuition without naturally manifesting. The same goes for happiness; the more you get to know yourself, you naturally align with the universe, your intuition, your source creator, and your desired outcomes.

It's the law of the universe.

So many people have been reaching out to me because they feel pulled lately but aren't sure about what - they just know "something" is calling them to "understand more." CLASSIC SIGNS OF AWAKENING, BTW!

The sooner you allow yourself to feel this amazing self-connection and spiritual alignment the less stressed you will feel! You will naturally live in a state of joy and life will feel easier again!

How To Get In Alignment With The Higher-Self And Create Lasting Shifts!

A 6 week live recorded class on how to reprogram your mindset, rewrite your stories, and connect with all aspects of the you that is you!

t's got over 40 videos, includes a free session with me, and has everything you need to work on deepening your relationshio with your higher-self, working with your spirit guides, and all you need to know about the different ways your intuition shows up and how to manage it (looking at you empaths!) It's the best of the best and includes EVERYTHING you need get started, refresh, and dive deeper!

And finally, let me hold you accountable!

I am taking on 4 more coaching students through the late winter/spring season! We will work on all of the above AND deep dive with your spirit team to get you to your next level and to enhance that awareness so shifts can happen in minutes vs. months once you learn what I teach!

So, why are you still holding yourself back, babe? You deserve to feel good! Let's go!

P.S. for those of you who asked yesterday, I have added more options on the website as far as payments go (yesterday, only PayPal was showing)!

Talk to you soon!



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