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Removing Blocks And Finding Patterns. Why Sh*T Happens In Life!

How To Remove Spiritual Blocks And Identify Patterns. Why Sh*T Keeps Happening To You!

Blocks, patterns, and shifts, what does it all mean? Does the same sh*t keep happening just on a different day? In the spiritual community, we talk a lot about identifying your pattern to help you remove blocks and push past barriers to let go of things (and certain types of people) that no longer serve you.

The idea behind identifying your patterns is that it will help you gain clarity on why you keep having the same types of situations show up in your life again and again that create “blocks” for you.

In coaching and mediumship sessions, Spirit easily helps me identify these for you so we can work through them to create new ways of being and allow the good to come to you. Once the pattern is identified and the lesson is learned, you can move on with your life! Sounds great, right?

What if you have been trying to find the pattern, block, and solution, but you have gotten close to nowhere? Well, that is where today’s episode comes in!

Last week on a coaching call, Spirit channeled such an impeccable message for my client that I now want to share with you! Their wisdom around blocks, patterns, and spiritual “education” blew even my mind!

Links mentioned in the episode!

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