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Meet Your Spirit Team Workshop!

Meet your spirit guide workshop and meditation!

Today's episode is a quick little workshop to meet a member of your spirit team!

I teach my clients similar techniques to meet members of their team. Yep, this includes their Higher selves, spirit guides, and even reconnecting with loved ones who passed!

I started this episode with the intention of teaching but was guided into a full meditation for you!

Enjoy this mix of a workshop and meditation to meet and connect with a member of your spirit team!

Schedule a 1:1 session with me to meet your Spirit Guide!


Want to deepen your journey?

For all things spiritual understanding, intuitive development, self-acceptance, and removing blocks, I recommend you start with

For all the deep-diving with your spirit, core wound healing, inner-child work, and re-writing your blueprint, The Sacred Self Healing Journey is perfect for you!

Already have a good grip on your intuition, and you're ready to give professional readings?

You will learn the ins and outs of giving and closing readings, getting specific and evidential messages, and even how to start your own professional practice!

More of a one-on-one type of person? Perfect!

I offer private coaching to those who are determined to level up, connect with their deepest layers, and totally transform! Schedule your sessions here!

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