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Mediumship, Diving Deeper!


Mediumship Diving Deeper is all about diving deeper into spirit communication! This means learning to receive clear and evidential messages from your spirit team and others should you choose to give readings! In this video course, you will learn how to give readings, how to get your clairs to work together, how to get validation, message organization, and much more! In MDD you will learn to connect with spirit in a clear way to understand their messages and get deeper and more meaningful guidance from them specific to you or your clients! The course is broken down into 8-week sections. Here is what you will find within the course! * How to get validation. * Learn to trust your intuition and the messages received. * A walk-through of how to give readings from beginning to end (including how to set up your space). * Spirit message delivery. * How to get specifics from spirit. * What to do when a reading isn’t going as planned and why it could be happening. * Crossing Spirit Over! And so much more... When you complete this course, you will have a strong understanding of how to give a reading, the best practices for doing so, increasing your accuracy, and perfecting your message delivery!

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