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Higher Self Connection | Questions For Your Higher Self

Higher Self Connection | Questions For Your Higher Self

The higher self is a tool that is often highly underutilized. It can strengthen our relationships, help us head down the path of least resistance, and even help us to heal from traumas of the past. The higher self is a part of every experience we have because it is the spirit part of us, the part that is most closely connected to Source (God). When we allow the higher self to step forward, miraculous shifts can occur, and our deepest traumas can be healed. Through higher self-connection, we can truly change our lives for the better!

Recently I was guided to a new exercise for connecting with the higher self.

A few times per year, I set my intentions to drum up what is not serving me and release it back to the universe. This practice is particularly in-depth each year on New Year’s Eve as I dedicate the entire day to myself, the coming energies, and my healing. In this blog, I write about my New Years Ever rituals to include how I let go, set intentions, and manifest what I desire. This year as I sat down to comb over the past year, I gained spiritual insight that changed my practice entirely!

I allowed my higher self to communicate to me what I needed to let go of by asking questions.

As I sat down with my notebook in hand, I asked myself the same question I do each year: “What do I need to let go of this year? What did I do last year that I can do differently next? Where have I been holding myself back?” and then I started thinking about alllllll of the things I could have or should have done differently. About 2 minutes in, it was as if someone pulled down a black screen in front of my eyes and shouted STOP!

Divine guidance came through via my claircognizance. It led me to stop what I was doing and connect with my higher self instead!

Instantly I shifted as I realized that this practice of reviewing past regrets and mistakes was the very thing that could have been holding me back! Sure, we should learn from our mistakes and take inventory of where we are resisting, but we should be doing it from a vibration of love and not an energy of lack or negative self-talk. I had the best intentions when doing this practice, but my higher self showed me that all I was doing was telling myself that I was lacking or not enough in those areas.

With the guidance received, I shifted. I asked my Higher Self what I needed to release, what I needed to see, and what needed to heal from the past to live in my highest vibration in the coming year.

Yall…this. Was. A. Gamechanger!!!! Within seconds I was able to clearly see where I was holding myself back and where I was resting in fear instead of love. The notes on my paper looked entirely different than when I started. I started out kicking myself for the things I didn’t do and was able to start looking at myself from above, from the highest perspective available to me. I was looking at myself through the eyes of my higher self.

I thought that 2019 was an ok year; nothing to complain bout but nothing to write home about either. I thought I was just coasting through it. I mean, I knew I had been stretched a little thinner than in the past, but I just figured it was part of adulting, ya know? Much to my surprise, as I started writing, I was able to clearly see that I had been talking so so poorly to myself in one particular area of my life for the entire year. THE ENTIRE YEAR! The hardest part was realizing that I never even saw it; the ego is sneaky like that.

I sobbed with sadness and joy as I realized how hard I had been on myself but joyful to see that I was able to pinpoint. Seeing where I was judging myself helped me to release it and move forward. This is one of the most significant breakthroughs I have ever had! Since that moment, I have changed my relationships and my reactions towards myself and others. I am even going to be so bold as to say that from that moment of balling my eyes out, I instantly had more energy and have maintained this energy ever since. It was like a giant weight was taken from me.

Through working with our higher selves we can see past the perceptions of the ego and through a lens of love. Below is a new exercise to assist you in connecting with your higher self to identify, release, and heal past traumas!

Exercise for communicating with the higher self

  1. Grab a pen and paper

  2. Find a calm and comfortable seat where you won’t be disturbed

  3. Ground, clear, connect, protect.

  4. Get into meditation mode with the intention of connecting with your higher self.

  5. Take deep breaths and sit in your meditation for a few moments.

  6. When ready, say this internally or out loud: “I ask now to merge with my higher self. Dear Higher Self, please show me where I have been resisting, please show me what I still need to let go of to allow my vibration to rise and my soul to heal. Dear higher self, please help me to see myself and others through your eyes. Please guide me to heal what is not serving me, release old stuck patterns, and see all situations through a lens of love. Thank you for revealing this to me now.”

  7. Then, sit with your pen in your hand and write what comes up for you.

Generally, an exercise like this would turn into automatic writing for me, but this time it was different. It was simple and to the point. Instead of paragraphs, I got clear bullet points of things I needed to see and heal. Don’t judge the process or the communication that comes from your higher self. If you feel yourself questioning or resisting, simply ask your ego to step back and surrender!

  1. After this exercise take a few moments to read what you wrote.

  2. Cry, purge, yell, let all of your emotions out.

  3. Notice how you are now viewing yourself and honor how you feel!

  4. Thank your higher self for the insight and use it to shift perspective and change your habits!

I like to take these lists and burn them to signify letting go of those things, but you can do with it what you will!

For more information on connecting wiht the higher self, check out the blogs below. To learn to develop a deeper understanding of your intuition, spirit team, and how to manage your empath abilities, check out the offerings below!

With love and gratitude always, Ashley Strong

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