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My Favorite Ways To Meditate And Connect With My Spirit Guides.

My favorite ways to meditate and connect with my spirit guides.

How does meditation work for you? Do you slip into trance, float off into the ether and connect with your spirit guides easily? Or do you have great intentions but end up staring at the back of your eyelids and leaving your session feeling frustrated? Meditation is a practice, connecting with your spirit team is a practice, and you can experiment with different techniques! 

My Top 4 ways to meditate and connect with my spirit guides! 

Visualization guides me into a deep meditation and helps me manifest! 

I LOVE visualization. I think it is such a powerful tool! Visualization does a number of things for us! 

  1. It strengthens our clairvoyant muscles. (Did you know if you’re trying to use the wrong intuitive muscle, it might be exactly why you’re not receiving intuitive hits? More on that here and how to flex the right muscles here!) 

  2. Visualization helps take you to a new space in time. You can create “memories” of your future by visualizing the things you want! 

  3. Visualization helps you manifest because once you create that “memory of the future” you begin to FEEL what it would be like if that were your reality. Feeling = manifesting! 

  4. Visualizing a meeting place for your spirit guides gives them direction on how and where to meet you! 

My meditation visualization process walks me through my ideal days, vacations, and manifestations. 

I begin my meditation with some theta binaural beats, then I visualize myself walking through that day from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. In my mind, that day has already happened! 

Whatever you tell your mind is what it believes, so once you create a visual, your mind will do everything it can to make it a reality. It doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what you tell it! This is why connecting feeling with visualization is such a powerful manifestation exercise (be careful what you tell yourself – you’re always manifesting)!

Once I do this exercise, my vibration is heightened and I am ready to meet with my spirit guides. I then visualize the meeting place I created years ago. 

I visualize walking up to a boulder that sits next to a beautiful stream with a waterfall. Then I sit. Almost immediately, I see one of my guides and start getting downloads! This is the easiest way for me to cover all my bases, manifest, connect with spirit, and get out of my own way all at once! 

When we give our mind something to do during meditation, we guide ourselves to where we want to be. You can use visualization, counting, focusing on the breath, etc. – whatever gets the ego out of the way so the higher self can do its job! 

Journeying is a great way to meet your spirit guides and get into a deep meditation! 

The quickest way I drop into a blissful and trancelike meditation is with shamanic journey drumming. I don’t know what it is, but I can listen to it for less than a minute and drop into an amazing journey-like experience. 

I see so much during these meditative journeys! I explore my spirit so much, connect with guides, power animals, and go through light tunnels. It’s always a very intense experience that takes me out of my body! 

My process for a meditative journey  

  1. Put on shamanic journey drumming

  2. Ground

  3. Clear

  4. Connect

  5. Protect (for my guided meditation on grounding, clearing, connecting, and protecting go here!)

  6. Call in all guides, angels, loved-one, spirit team

  7. Roll my eyes in and up (think staring at the middle of your forehead with eyes closed)

  8. Clear my chakras

  9. Then I just take off lol! 

It’s pretty amazing, but also intense. I have seasons where I do it daily and others where I can only do it every few weeks! 

I connect with my spirit guides by talking to them all day, every day! 

I am always asking them for signs and guidance. A lot of us do this all of the time but then get frustrated when we don’t receive their communication

Remember that thing I said about flexing the right muscles? Well if you’re waiting to hear something then you might be missing the feelings and signs spirit is giving you! Why? Because maybe you’re clairsentient and not clairaudient! 

I can teach you how to tap into your strongest clair (psychic gift), how to receive messages, and even how to manage it when it’s too much. Learn all about each of the four psychic abilities and how to manage them to receive guidance and messages daily in my course, The Intuitive Development And Progression Program!

It’s a lot easier than you think to connect with your spirit team and intuition. You just have to flex the right muscles, my friend! 

Try active meditation! Run, walk, jog, boat, do something active! 

Listen, spirit loves to come to us when our guard is down. That is why so many of us get randomized messages at random times. These random messages are typically hard to decipher! It can feel like we get messages all the time only to hear crickets when we actually try. (Again more about this in the program.)

Our mind gets in our way, so spirit will come when we are falling asleep, waking up, or preoccupied by something else. You CAN get these messages when you want and have them make sense, but, again, you’ve got to learn when and how they are coming to you and then make space to receive! 

I love to use movement as a tool to visualize, manifest and connect!

I use running and walking to visualize hitting checkpoints and then crossing the finish line of my goals! I use kayaking, walking, and jogging to ask if spirit has any messages for me. Then, I sit back without expectation and allow myself to receive! 

To receive intuitive messages that make sense and are actually helpful throughout each day, you have to become aware of subtle changes, energies, and signs. You also have to be receptive – spirit doesn’t communicate how we do most of the time! 

Our spirit guides are funny, finicky, and love to use metaphors and symbolism to communicate. 

Be open to what they give you and remember to always say thank you! The more you acknowledge and are grateful for, the more you will be given… always, in all situations! 

I hope this little insight into my personal practice has helped you! Don’t forget to meet me in the intuitive development and progression program. You won’t be sorry, I promise! 

Sending you my love, 


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