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Good Vs. Bad Meditations

Unpopular opinion, meditation can make us judge ourselves even more than we would have without it. Yep, I said it! Meditation is supposed to take us to a peaceful place, a higher vibration, and provide a sense of connection with the self. It's about gaining clarity and calm. However, sometimes, depending on how you're looking at it, meditation can have you judging yourself harder than before you started.

We all do it! We judge our meditations, and we judge ourselves for not being able to meditate the "right" way.

Listen, I teach people to connect with their spirit guides and higher selves. I also teach people to practice their mediumship and Psychic abilities. To do these things, yes, you need to learn to meditate, but this is not the sole reason for mediation. If that's the only thing you're using it for, then yea, you're meditating wrong.

Meditation is for you to gain clarity, calm, deeper awareness, and connectedness with all of your human experience.

Most of the time, when we label a meditation as good or bad, it's because we did not "achieve" the state of bliss or connectedness we set out to.

Some days my meditations are deep and trance-like. Other times I'm looking at the black behind my eyes, wondering how much time I have left and thinking of everything I have to do.

Both are equally as important!

When you show up even if you have a monkey mind, you're training your mind, body, and subconscious that you're worthy of these few moments of silence. You're also simultaneously telling your spirit team you're available for them!

  • It becomes easier to drop into a "good meditation" because your subconscious is ready for it.

  • Your spirit team will know it's time to meet you there, and you won't have to try so hard because you've created your own mini "vortex."

  • Consistent meditation has so many juicy mental health effects.

  • You begin to notice people, situations, and traffic don't trigger you as much as before.

  • You get healthier all the way around. Your body will thank you as the tension melts away!

  • You live in more of a flow state.

  • You start realizing that no meditation is good or bad. They are all important.

So if you could, just show up for yourself daily, ok? Whether you sit in your own energy (which I highly recommend), connect with your guides, clear your chakras, or mix em' all up, just show up for yourself and stop judging yourself so hard, babe!

All meditations and all time spent to better yourself is absolutely perfect!



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