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What To DO and NOT Do During Eclipse Energy

Happy eclipse day!!! I have a few things I want to share with you about what you should and should not do during eclipse energy AND a message from my guides!

Today is such a big day, energetically speaking! In fact, it’s been a big week or so as well. You may have felt the urge to purge or cleanse or had some erratic and unexplainable emotions coming up recently. 

I am happy to report that you are NOT crazy! Not only have we been in eclipse season, but also in retrograde! 

These robust, energetic seasons call us to let go of the past and clear space for the new; this is why you may have felt called to change things up, feel like something big is coming, or significant changes are around the corner, clear out your closets (physically and energetically speaking), and had some big emotions try to surface. 

My guidance for you is to not ignore any of this and certainly not shove it away! 

While I have some suggestions and practices you can use to make the most of today’s eclipse, I want to share a message that my guides gave me yesterday! 

It went something like this:

Your shadows are just as crucial as your light; they are a part of who you are. How can you become closer to yourself if you deny the true aspects of who you are? 

Your shadows show you where the truest form of work needs to be done; the most shameful part of your psyche that you don’t want others to see is where you are hiding from yourself. The truth is, this is how you heal, grow, and become whole. 

You do not have to be perfect or make others comfortable; you must be comfortable within yourself. As you shut or hide away the shadows of yourself, your whole light can not be revealed. The more you are willing to work with and shine light on your shadows that can then be transformed into light - making your light brighter than ever, your soul happier, and you more whole on all timelines, parallels, and waves both physically and energetically. 

What my guides were trying to say was that by forcing ourselves to be who we think others need us to be, we are denying them and ourselves our most authentic versions. So those judgy, angry, resentful, jealous, darker parts of you need to be looked at and acknowledged, then you can see WHY they are there and WHAT they are trying to teach you. 

There is nothing to fear in the shadows, and this is what the eclipse teaches us! 

The eclipse can have manic and chaotic energy because, all at once, the light and the darkness come together! It is simultaneously a releasing and a revealing, which is why it feels so frantic! Old parts, people, things, and ideas that are no longer serving you are pulled away, and what does serve is brought to the light. 

Through the shadow, however, we see what needs to be let go of and released, which is where our shadow work comes in! 

Harnessing the energy of the eclipse today and tomorrow! 

You know I am all about manifesting, but this time, I think we just observe. Just as we want to (safely observe) the solar eclipse, we need to let go of resistance and watch as the energies of the universe do their thang! 

This isn’t a time to try to manipulate or change energy; it’s a time to let go, trust, and allow yourself to be guided! 

Things you SHOULD DO

  • Cleanse and smudge 

  • Purge whatever you feel called to! Closets, drawers, relationships that aren’t serving, old habits, negative self-talk, etc. 

  • Wash your hands with sea salt! 

  • This act is a cleansing and releasing ritual for your life and personal energy! 

  • Pour the salt into your hands (add coconut oil and essential oils for a relaxing experience)

  • Rub your hands together with the intention of releasing what no longer serves you.

  • Say a mantra like “Thank you to the divine for guiding me to my highest path, showing me what is not for me, and giving me the strength to release what needs to go so I can make room for what serves! I am so grateful” 

  • And you’re done! 

  • Meditate 

  • Ask your spirit team to reveal your shadows, and then, in the coming days/weeks, be willing to work with them! You can do this with me and your guides or in meditation - just make sure you’re holding yourself accountable if you’re doing it solo! 

  • Listen to your body - remember, this energy is chaotic. In moments, you may have a ton of energy, and in others, you may need total rest and silence - do it all! 

Things you SHOULD NOT DO 

  • Look at the sun without proper protection (duh!)

  • Force ANYTHING! Conversations, rituals, manifesting, etc. 

  • Try to manifest/start something new 

  • Ignore the emotions, moods, feelings, or conversations that are coming up within you! 

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit on the eclipse energy, and feel free to refer back to it in eclipse seasons to come! 

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Talk soon! 



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