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Mindset Matters In EVERYTHING!

Let's talk about mindset shifts for a moment, shall we? As we all know, the mind is very powerful; it literally controls every aspect of our reality. What we think ends up being our perceived reality; there is no way around it. 

Your mindset can make or break your health, abundance, career, etc. 

When we focus on the negative, we see the negative. Traumas, patterns, parents—they all engrain belief systems in us that make our brains look for similar situations to either protect ourselves or find comfort in—even if that comfort is simply a familiar DISCOMFORT. 

Scientifically, this is also known as the reticular activating system 

You can test out this theory today! Focus on something specific, such as a red car. If you focus intently and keep saying "red cars" in your brain, sure enough, you will see red cars everywhere in the next few days. 

Our brain looks for what we tell it and pulls those experiences into our reality! 

Focusing on the good brings about more good. Focusing on health allows you to feel healthier, and so on.

The body doesn't know the difference between what we tell it and what is "real," and this has been proven over and over again with manifesting, scientific experiments, and health research. 

Recently, I decided to set a massive goal for myself, one that felt impossible at the time. It took me three weeks to achieve.

The only things that changed were my focus and mindset. I just had two clients do the same back-to-back with their dream properties. 

You see it's not the manifesting that's hard. It's the belief, the worthiness, and the consistency that is the hard part. It's staying focused when you don't have the energy. It's shifting your mindset when it goes to places it shouldn't. It's noticing a slipping vibration and then doing whatever you need to do to get it back up. 

One thing I know about myself is that I am great at manifesting and almost even better at teaching others to manifest. I am confident but true. 

When I coach my client's it's not all woo-woo. It's not all mediumship; I'm not just telling them what they want to hear. 

We get to the root of their issues be it business, relationships, blocks - whatever! We do this by channeling their higher self, working with their inner child, identifying blocks around worthiness, and then going in deep. 

I hold them accountable, but I also teach them to love themselves and help them find their worthiness. It's all about mindset and reprogramming the patterns we don't even know we have. 

When I channel or give a mediumship reading, it's not that I have a special gift (we are all intuitive and can all access it); it's easier for me because I've trained my mind to go into a different state of consciousness to receive that guidance. 

I had to train my mind to let these connections happen. My mindset had to shift from "I can't" to "when xyz happens, the messages just flow, it's easy, it's who I am, it's what I do."

I have the same mantra when it comes to my goals. As long as I stay focused and do the consistent work I teach my clients to do, it happens every time! Sometimes within months, sometimes within hours, sometimes within weeks. 

It literally depends on my mindset if and how quickly I manifest something! 

So whether you're changing your lifestyle or career, hitting your goals, or tapping into your intuition, first and foremost, it starts with awareness and mindset! 

I have a few spots opening for readings and coaching clients starting mid-July if you're ready to reach your goals, go far deeper than talk therapy, heal those core wounds, remove blocks, and access your highest vibe and deepest layers! 

Let's do this, babe! 

With so much love, let's reach those goals! 


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