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How to know if you’re Claircognizant. Do You Just Know Things?

What is claircognizance and how do you know if you’re claircognizant?Do you ever just know things? Maybe you know what someone is thinking or feeling before they ever tell you? Perhaps upon meeting someone you automatically know something about their life? Claircognizance is another psychic ability and it’s one that isn’t talked or taught about nearly enough.

Claircognizance is a feeling, a knowing, or a pull from the gut that you just can’t shake. It’s just as important as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or any of the other “clairs”.

How do you know if you’re actually claircognizant or just making stuff up?

You get gut feelings all the time and most of the time they are right!

If you’ve always felt that you had a strong intuition it probably means you’ve got a dose of claircognizance. When you receive feelings that you just can’t shake or you are pulled so strongly in a direction that you just have to go with it, trust it! These are surefire signs of your intuition speaking to you through claircognizance.

Claircognizant people find it hard to steer themselves away from these feelings and knowings because the pull is often so strong that if they don’t go with it it feels almost unsettling within their body.

You receive information about people or situations but you’re not sure “how”

Did you hear it, did you feel it, did a whole message just drop into your head out of thin air?

This is how claircognizant people often feel when they first start receiving. It’s different from clairaudience in that you’re not quite sure how you got the message but you know that it’s there. This is because it comes in as more of a download or an airdrop from spirit.

Remember how in this article we talked about which direction you receive your information from (the left or the right)? Well, when you’re claircognizant you just kind of receive. It doesn’t really come from any particular direction.

You can get just as many messages and connections as the next guy but it comes in more of spurts and knowings within your being vs. a full-on message that you hear or see.

Are you reading people’s thoughts?

Ok, this one is a bit less common but oftentimes claircognizant people are able to pick up on what someone is thinking as well as things about their life and family.

It generally happens by accident at first and only happens because spirit is trying to communicate with you. Not because you are intentionally tapping into their energy without permission. (Don’t do that it’s bad and unethical!).

If you feel like you know what someone is going to say before they say it or you know things about them they’ve never told you, you might be claircognizant. If you think you can “hear” what they are thinking and then they say it out loud…you, my friend, might be claircognizant.

To focus more on this and to learn to manage this ability start here! This has everything you need and more to start working with your gifts. This is a down to Earth way to safely and effectively begin managing your intuitive gifts!

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