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Are You Clairsentient? What Is Clairsentience? Why Do I Feel Tingles?

Are You Clairsentient? What Is Clairsentience? Why Do I Feel Tingles?

Are you clairsentient? You might be and not even know it! Do you ever get feelings or notions that you just can’t shake? Ever meet someone and know without a doubt that you can or can not trust them? Have you ever felt a sense of urgency that you needed to make a turn or leave a place and you weren’t sure why? These feelings are actually intuitive hits known as clairsentience! 

Clairsentience is the intuitive gift of clear-feeling. 

People who are Clairsentient: 

  1. Often feel things with their stomach – good vibes and bad! 

  2. Feel sensations on their body that pull them in certain directions, like when driving a car or navigating when lost! 

  3. Just know things about other people by the way their body and emotions respond when around those people! 

  4. Can feel their spirit guides, loved ones, or other energies when they are around:

  5. They might feel tingling on their skin or scalp.

  6. They might sense a presence in the room when no other “humans” are around.

  7. Feel tingles or energy run up the length of their spine!

  8. Are really good at sensing people’s character.

  9. Are great at “reading” energy – aka giving “psychic readings.”

  10. Can tell if someone is lying just by being around them. 

  11. Can often pick up on illness, frustration, or anger from another without that person giving any indication of their mood.

When you’re clairaudient, you are also going to be extremely empathic, meaning you take on other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions! 

As I just explained, in the doctor’s office of all places, we are all energy. Truly, there is no denying it! We all have an aura or “energetic bubble” and it extends outward and can be sensed by all living beings. If we aren’t managing our own energy, we can disperse our moods and emotions to other people as well as take them on from other people or places. 

 8 Empath Protection TipsIt is so important to become aware of the energy you’re taking on, and is equally important that you are responsible for the energy you’re putting out! 

As a clairsentient person, you might find that 

  1. You can walk into a room or home and tell if an argument has just occurred! 

  2. Homes and properties do, in fact, carry good and bad vibes and you can feel it! (Pro tip: this is super helpful when house hunting and in reality!) 

  3. You get sick more often than others and have no clue why! 

  4. Oftentimes, you get moody, agitated, or feel guilty out of nowhere and for no reason! 

  5. Being in the grocery store or around large crowds of people can be draining for you! 

There is a way to manage your clairsentience, you know! You can learn to manage your energy and to stop taking on the vibrations, moods, emotions, and illnesses of other people energetically! It’s simple, really! 

  1. Ground

  2. Clear

  3. Connect

  4. Protect

  5. Pull in your energy

  6. Notice when your energy shifts and ask “is this mine?”

  7. Listen to your intuition and especially pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you! 

Not sure how to do all of this? Take the Intuitive Development Course! It not only teaches you all about your clairsentience, but also about claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and connecting with your spirit team! 

There are massive benefits to learning to manage your intuition – like, for example, not taking on other people’s sh*t! Noticing those red flags on dates and in friendships! Oh, and did I mention house hunting and real estate? What about career decisions and business deals? Yep! You guessed it! A managed and tapped-into intuition can help you with all of these day-to-day events! 

Don’t believe me? Then I challenge you! Enroll in the Intuitive Development Course and work it… really, really work it! Then, let’s chat when you have your complimentary coaching call. I’ll bet your life will have changed drastically! 

With so much love, 

Ashley Strong 

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