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All About Spiritual Awakening. 34 Signs You’re Awakening Now!

Are you awakening? What does awakening mean and what does awakening feel like? Here is something you might not know; we are currently going through an immense period of change. The Earth is shifting in so many ways, and so many people are waking up to new ideas daily! There have been significant shakeups over the past 5-6 years that have set many people on a spiritual path – a search for knowledge and answers.

Right now, many people that were never really open to the idea of consciousness and spirituality are beginning to step into their awakening. Now is the time for those who were once the students to become the teachers of the light. It’s time for the “first wave” awakened individuals to help the second round that is waking up now!

What does all of this mean? It means that if you have been guided towards the path of spirituality, it may be your turn to be a teacher for those just starting on their journey. If you are one of the people just starting on your journey, you may be wondering why you’re being pulled towards spirituality? You may be questioning why you have so many coincidences, and what is happening to you? The truth is our soul is driving many of us towards our purpose. We are being guided towards rediscovering our truth!

Signs You’re Awakening

  1. Feeling called to study, learn, and read more. It doesn’t have to be about spirituality, but there is a deep yearning to gain more knowledge.

  2. New interest in subjects that had never interested you before!

  3. A sudden curiosity for life and understanding on a deeper level.

  4. You begin to question everything!

  5. Suddenly you’re wondering about life after death and how the universe works.

  6. You begin to look at life and see all of the puzzle pieces come together.

  7. You realize your challenges have pushed you towards your purpose.

  8. It seems that everything really does happen in the perfect time and order.

  9. People begin to fall out of your experience and new ones that you’re more aligned with begin to take their place.

  10. Life starts to feel like a sort of game or treasure hunt!

  11. You think about someone, and then you see or hear from them! (Claircognizance)

  12. Dreams become more vivid! (Clairvoyance)

  13. You have a desire to change the way you eat. You crave healthier and lighter foods!

  14. Thirst doesn’t even describe your new need to drink water constantly! (This is a sign your vibration is raising, yay you!)

  15. You feel less called to social media, the news, or any other space that is flooded with negative and overwhelming energy.

  16. Nature has been calling your name!

  17. You feel more empathic than you ever have before!

  18. You’re starting to feel like you need to forgive and heal, but you’re not sure where this is coming from.

  19. Your moods are literally all over the place! You are happy as can be one second and you could cry the next.

  20. You feel like you’re connected to everyone and everything.

  21. At the same time, you feel it is hard to connect with anyone on a surface level.

  22. You’ve never believed in God, religion, or anything “outside” of this world, and suddenly you’re feeling pulled to explore the unseen.

  23. Animals and kids are pulled to you like magnets!

  24. You’re seeing repeated numbers or waking up at the same time each night.

  25. You feel a need to learn to be happy, but you’re not sure why things are changing.

  26. Your current life feels like it doesn’t “fit” anymore.

  27. You hear ringing or buzzing in the ears. (Clairaudience)

  28. Faces, images, movies, and colors appear when you close your eyes. (Clairvoyance)

  29. Yoga, meditation, and journaling are looking more appealing.

  30. You feel tingles on your skin, especially the forehead and crown of the head. (Clairsentience)

  31. Once you think about something, it happens within a few days. (Claircognizance)

  32. You just “know things” and don’t know how you do! (Claircognizance)

  33. You have way more energy for no reason.

  34. You know you slept all night but felt like you were “working” and feel unrested.

These are all signs that your soul is awakening and is trying to get your attention. As you begin to awaken, your energy starts to shift, and you will vibrate at a higher rate. This is why people record extreme thirst when shifting through an awakening or doing energy work! Remember, water is a conduit for energy!

If you resonated with these signs of awakening, don’t be alarmed! It’s a good thing, and you are not alone. As crazy as it sounds our Earth as a whole is going through its 2nd maybe 3rd big energetic shakeup in the past six years; this is why new-age ideals are becoming more mainstream.

This site is an excellent resource for both those beginning their spiritual path and those deep within it! Below are a few items to support you along your spiritual path. I’ve broken it down for beginners, those in the midst, and those that have been traveling for a long while!

Support For The Begining Of Awakening 

Support For Those On Their Spiritual Path 

Support For Seasoned Travelers 

  1. What Happens When We Disconnect From The Higherself?

  2. Intuitive Development And Progression – All about the intuitive gifts, empathic abilities, boundaries, spirit guides, and more!

  3. Mediumship Development – Diving Deeper Into Spirit Communication

No matter where you are or where you’re going, I am here to support you, guide you, and be a friendly shoulder to lean on! Thank you for checking out!

With love, Ashley Strong

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