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What Happens When You Don’t Clear Your Space – Here’s What Happened To Me!

I went almost two months without smudging my space, here’s what happened

As a spiritual practitioner, I know better than to go 2 months or even a week without smudging my space. I typically smudge the entire house every other week and my office multiple times a day after each client call.

I know that it is important to set and reaffirm my boundaries regularly to spirit. You see when you’re an intuitive you will have spirits coming to you all times of the day and night if you do not tell them otherwise.

I admit that I let the ball drop on both smudging and reaffirming my boundaries recently. I was preparing to go on maternity leave and thus it just wasn’t my top priority. I had articles to write, emails to send, and courses to get out before I “took off” for a month.

I had planned to smudge a few times but it seemed like life or other people kept getting in the way. Before I knew it, it was Baby-Day and our little girl had made her grand appearance.

In case you didn’t know when you leave your house your boundaries are not as strongly enforced. And when you have visitors they not only bring their own energies but also leave them behind. All of these things happened within 1 week and thus I started to feel the effects.

Here’s the thing, I was recovering from a c-section, had constant visitors for 2 weeks straight, and I was mentally and physically drained. I just didn’t have the energy to do anything that took any amount of mental clarity.

Within a few days of being home, I started noticing those long lost feelings of being watched. To add to it, random noises, thumps, and whispers were happening all the time. Then, once again I started having visitors in my room at night (my number 1 no-no for spirit) and I started “Seeing” unwelcomed spirits throughout the night.

None of this was scary, dark, or negative but it was bothersome. Throughout the night I was waking and calling in my guides for their support. Afterward, things would calm down for an hour or two and then my “visitors” would come back. Lemme tell ya when you already have a newborn that isn’t allowing you to sleep the last thing you want is to be woken up by spirits that just want to make themselves known!

My biggest issue with all of this is that the whispers (which my husband heard too…we both thought it was my son who was sound asleep) and the noises were mostly coming from the area of the house with the bedrooms. Look, mama doesn’t play! No spirits in the bedrooms unless it is a preapproved guide. Ok? Ok!

I was finally able to smudge the house and within the hour I could feel the effects! My mood was better, my vibration was up, the house felt less “crowded”. The best part? Not only did I sleep better but the baby did too! A win for all!

So if you’re a medium or a strong intuitive, don’t skimp on the smudging … it’s important. I haven’t experienced some of these intuitive inconveniences for years and it’s all because I have always set firm boundaries and cleared my space.

If you’re not a practicing intuitive it’s still a good idea to clear your space at least once a month. Not only can you get rid of negative and stagnant energies but you can also get rid of airborne bacteria as mentioned in this article!

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