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Dealing With Being A Medium | The Intuitive’s Blog

Welcome to the intuitive development blog where I share my journey and life as a medium. This site is a tool and a resource for those looking to understand the spirited side of things and for those looking to develop their own intuitive abilities. Around the site, you will also find tips on self-improvement, how to work with the law of attraction, and inspirational articles to help heal your own life!

You may have found me because of your interest in the other side or you may have found me because you want to know what happens to someone after their passing. Perhaps you landed here because you’ve had some unexplainable experiences that you would like clarification on.

Whatever it was that lead you to me I can assure you that I do my very best to bring all of this back down to Earth.

I know that this “stuff” can be a bit weird, taboo, and woo-woo to those that do not understand it. I am here to help you to understand spirituality and intuitive development the best way I know how…. with humor, a light heart, and all the realness. Who you see on the blog is who you get in person. I share my own personal experiences in hopes that I can help you to understand yours just a little bit better!

Mediumship has long been taboo for most of us. In general, we are either taught that mediumship is dark or that it’s just not a real thing. I’m here to tell you that it’s very real, very beautiful, and it changed my life. 

About my mediumship journey…

I never understood my fascination with abandoned houses and scary movies. I thought that maybe I was just a little weirdo but ever since I could remember the possibility of ghosts and spirits hanging around was, well, enthralling.

From the age of 3 to about 20 something I had nightmares every. single. night. These weren’t your average nightmares they were so real that it was almost as if I were there. Sometime around the age of 10, I learned to control these dreams and wake myself up and out of them.

All of my life I heard things that no one else did. I saw tons of images and people whenever I closed my eyes. And, to add to it, I never felt alone. It was always as if someone was watching me yet no one was in the room.

Sure, I tried talking to people about it but they either didn’t believe me or it raised major concern (sorry mom!). I eventually quit talking about my experiences because what good was it doing? I thought I was crazy enough already, I didn’t need others thinking it too.

That was my life. Living in fear, feeling things others couldn’t, knowing there was “something” else out there but not being able to grasp it, and just dealing with it. Dealing with it alone.

Eventually, I had a few experiences that were completely undeniable, all during some very rough periods of my life.

  1. While dreaming of my grandmother laughing I told her to be quiet because she was waking me up. I actually woke up and saw the attic door moving/creaking back and forth. I said out loud, “grandma stop it”. Then, it stopped. I covered my head and hid under the blankets both comforted and completely creeped out.

  2. I told my husband our house was haunted. I had friends come over and tell me they felt like someone was watching them. Then, I had a neighbor tell my husband a murderer lived in the house before we bought it.

  3. I had friend’s who had passed show up in my dreams one after the other. When I asked one specific friend to quit coming to me unless he could be his normal happy self, he stopped.

  4. While sitting at my very corporate job doing a very analytical task, my first kiss’ name pops in my head. I hadn’t seen the boy in 12 years and hadn’t spoken to him in 10. His name repeated incessantly until I gave up and googled him. He had passed 3 months prior. I would like to note that we had no mutual friends and no connections at all.

  5. In a dream I saw my grandmother packing a suitcase for my grandfather. In the dream I knew she had passed and asked her why she was there. She said, “it’s ok baby, he’s coming with me”. A week or so later we found out my grandfather had stage 4 lung cancer.  I never told him about that dream but when my mother sat me down to tell me the bad news I told her I already knew before the words left her lips telling her about the dream left us both in tears.

This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. I kept trying to pass it off as coincidence I really really did but instead of slowing down everything kept revving up.

Long story short, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I called my bestfriend. She told me she had always known I had a gift and that I had always been a little weird. (Thanks Mo!) She encouraged me to “do this thang but to do it safely”.

I hung up the phone, stood in my kitchen, looked up and said…

“I don’t know who you are or what you want. I don’t know who’s up there but I am going to do this. I am ready BUT the first time you scare me I’m done forever. I need your help and your protection…whoever you are. I need to do this safely and I’m ready…I guess…”

I totally felt crazy but ya know what? Within 2 days my bad dreams STOPPED. A lifetime of crazy dreams stopped like the snap of a finger!

I became happier and my life started to change. My depression and anxiety started to diminish. Even my relationships started to get better. I was seeing beauty and magic everywhere.

Admittedly, I did a ton of research that led me down a rabbit hole. Let me tell ya, some of the things out there are a bit…out there. That is why I created the Intuitive Development Course for intuitive people just starting out. The course is for those wanting to understand and manage their own gifts. The course weeds out all that you don’t need and gives you a way to work with your gifts using easy to follow exercises while learning to do it all gradually and safety!!

If there is one thing I can say about mediumship/spirit/intuitive gifts etc. it would be what once seemed like a curse has actually been the most beautiful blessing I could have ever received and that came to light the day I stopped resisting.

I hope you find some comfort and a home here at LightLoveandSpirit knowing that we are all in this together and together we can all spread the light!

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