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Are You A Giver? Read This!

Dear Giver,

You are everything to everyone. You have so much on your own plate yet you make room to take on the leftovers from others. Did you know, you’re amazing from where I’m sitting?

Giver, you give and give until you have nothing left. You sacrifice for your family, you sacrifice for your friends, you sacrifice for your community, and you sacrifice for those you have never met and never will.

You give with a pure heart, with the best intentions, and with your tank on zero. You push yourself to give a little bit more even when you have nothing left just to make one moment of someone else’s day a little easier.

You’re an inspiration. You’re also withering away emotionally and energetically.

Dear Giver, you can’t be everything to everyone unless you are everything to yourself first. Those that you give to need to see you happy, they need to see you healthy, they need to see you reap the benefits of all of your hard work. Of all of your giving.

Giver, you are without a doubt an amazing superhuman – human being. You help those in need because you want to and because you have too…who says you have too? You say you have too.

Dear Giver you deserve love, you deserve respect, you deserve to be given to as well. Accept the compliments, accept the thank yous, accept the feeling of gratitude. You deserve to relax.

Dear Giver, someone taking things off of your plate doesn’t mean you find new things to add to it. It simply means you get to breathe. You get to recharge and to cleanse yourself of the emotions you constantly take on.

Dear Giver you don’t have to fix it. Your presence is enough. Your love is enough. Your intention is enough.

Clear your mind Dear Giver.

Take care of yourself.

You’ve lifted enough weight now allow someone to give you a hand up.

Dear Giver take care of yourself.

Sit with yourself, feel yourself. Pay attention to your own pains and allow them to move through you. Sometimes your attention may be on others so that you don’t have to focus it on yourself but it’s time. Acknowledge your story, your truths, your pains. Acknowledge what needs to come to the surface and then GIVE yourself what you need.

Dear Giver, today, you have given enough. Give yourself some love.

All my love, The highest – most neglected part of you.


If you’re a giver you’re likely an empath. Giving to others can certainly help to fill us up but there must always be an equal energy exchange. If you’ve been giving and giving and you’re often sick, tired, or drained it may be time to start understanding life as an empath.

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