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3 Ways To Get Spirit Messages


I hope you had a great Fourth of July and holiday weekend! And if you missed out on my flash sale, no worries—I extended it through this week! 


Today, though I’m not here to talk to you about the sale, I am here to speak to you about 3 ways you can tap into spiritual guidance to get quick and evident guidance on whatever is sitting on your heart! 


We all wish we had the answers to life right here and now. “What are the winning lottery numbers? Who is the great love of my life? How can I quickly solve world hunger?”


All of these are in our nature to want to know the answer to NOW, but the problem is we’d be skipping over much of our human experience if we got everything we wanted immediately. 


We are spirits having a human experience, so spirit  WILL give us guidance and messages to put us on our highest path, but unfortunately, that usually isn’t the winning number to the mega-millions! 


However, if you want guidance on why you’re feeling blocked, how to heal your relationship with money, how to find a fulfilling career, or how to hold deeper connections, then guess what, Babe? Your spirit team has got your back! 


Here are 3 ways to get clear guidance from your spirit team! 


  1. Develop a solid connection with your spirit team! 


You can do this first with a simple intention! Pray, talk to, and be available for the guidance your team has to offer you!


Start a daily practice of connection; this can include silent drives asking what you need to know, long walks with the intention of receiving guidance, and, of course, developing a meditation practice! The key is consistency, time, and knowing how YOU best receive their guidance (it won’t be hearing or seeing for everyone!). 


  1. Know who you’re talking to! 


Again, this will come with time and practice, but it is important to be able to distinguish your ego from your higher self to ensure that your highest guidance is coming through and not your ego’s fear and discomfort!


I have a great article on how to tell the difference here! It is also important to get to know your spirit guides so that you can understand when and how they are directly trying to communicate with you! 



Mediumship readings from a solid and reputable medium bring evidential and clear messages directly to you from your spirit team.


During a reading, you can focus on a specific area or question, but you can also guarantee spirit will bring through what you most need to know. Why? Because they take that time as sacred to bring through messages to help you heal on a soul level, connect you to your highest path, and give you direction toward your highest potential. 


During my readings, I connect with your guides, higher self, and loved ones (should any come through) all in one session. Readings are said to be more healing than years of combined therapy because they get messages straight from your soul and heal on levels you may not even know you had been holding on to! 


I have a few spots open for summer, and once filled, I will be closing again until further notice! 




And remember, I have an intuitive tip of the day over on my Instagram! 

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