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What are spiritual boundaries? How to protect my energy as an empath?

What are spiritual boundaries and why do you need them? How to protect my energy as an empath?

Spiritual boundaries are stipulations and standards we can set for both people and spirit. You might find that friends and colleagues feel better after being in your presence while leaving you completely drained. You may also find that you get anxious for no reason or feel like you’re being watched while you’re sleeping. If types of things happen to you, then, my friend, keep on reading because you’ve got a boundary issue! 

Boundaries protect and conserve our energy. They tell people what we are willing to deal with and what we are not. When set, energetic boundaries can keep both spirit energy and people’s energy at bay when we are “off the spiritual clock.”

So let’s start there: What is the spiritual clock and what does it have to do with setting boundaries?

Well, with a job you say “I am available from this time to this time” aka “these are my office hours.” One of the best things my friend and mentor Amanda Linette Meder ever taught me in my early days was to set the same type of “business hours for spirit.” Doing this will keep them from waking you up all hours of the night and imposing on personal time! 

I used to wake up with feelings of being watched, shower while feeling like someone was in the room, and get clairaudient messages 24 hours a day. Many times, I even woke up feeling like I was listening in or hearing someone else’s conversation! My intuitive gifts were out of control mainly because I didn’t know that I could be in control! 

Controlling and protecting your energy starts with boundaries! Some of my spiritual boundaries look like this:

  1. The hours I am available to spirits that are not on my spirit team are from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Outside of that, my energy needs to be reserved for myself and my family. (Of course, I make room for emergency messages… I am not a barbarian!)

  2. When it comes to my team, I am always available and always in communication with them. I have a great relationship with my spirit team and consult them on everything from business to food!

  3. While I am always available for my team, I still want a restful sleep! I have strict rules for spirit at night! 

  4. One spirit guide and one angel in my bedroom at a time.

  5. All other members of our spirit team can wait and guard the hallway, waking us only in case of emergency. 

  6. Absolutely no spirits that are not on our spirit team may cross the bedroom hallways threshold. (This has come in handy more than once.) 

  7. When calling on spirit for my clients, they have strict boundaries and guidelines to stay in my office or whatever area I am practicing in. I love my clients but don’t need their “people” roaming all around my home. HA! 

I’ll break it down like this: You wouldn’t leave the door open for a ton of strangers to just walk around your house whenever they wanted, would you? You will still get just as much spirit communication and probably even more when you set these boundaries. 

You set spiritual boundaries to give yourself a clear radio signal to receive the guidance and communication you’re meant to! You set boundaries to protect and uplift your energy.

When you create these boundaries, you are essentially saying you want your messages organized (something I teach in the mediumship development course). You’re saying you want to know who you’re talking to and you’re only willing to connect with those who have your best interests at heart. To be frank, you’re cutting out all of the background noise! 

Now, setting boundaries with other people to protect yourself as an empath. 

You can totally use your spirit guides to help you set and enforce your boundaries with other people. Alls ya gotta do it ask my friend! That is another thing your spirit guides can help with! 

When it comes to setting boundaries towards other people, I declare to my higher self what I am willing to and unwilling to accept. 

Over time, this will become your normal and you won’t have to state your boundaries so often because it will just become how you live! 

Until then, try this exercise to set personal boundaries and try it daily! 

  1. Call in your Higher Self. 

  2. Hand to heart, say “Dear ______, I love you so much. I choose to protect and uplift you. I chose to accept only what is for my best and highest good from here on out. 

  3. I accept only positive interactions. 

  4. I accept only what serves me. 

  5. I am kind to people and only accept kindness from others. 

  6. I am strong, powerful, abundant, and full of love. These are the interactions I expect between myself and others. 

  7. People respect me. 

  8. People value me. 

  9. People listen to what I have to say! 

  10. I am constantly guided and thank you for always guiding me away from who and what doesn’t serve me. 

Make up your own “I am” statements, but find what you need. What patterns show up for you with people in your life? Are people rude to you? Unkind? Do they take advantage of you? If so, then it’s time to set really strong and loving boundaries for yourself! 

Watch how people start to respond differently to you once your energetic boundaries are set. Notice how you stop allowing certain things to you and how you start standing up for yourself! This exercise and others like it (many I teach privately in coaching) will have you thriving! You will have more confidence, be happier, and people will be much more generous to you. 

It all starts with energy, my friend. You are the energy you receive, so what are you putting out? What are you willing to put up with?

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