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7 Reasons Your Intuition Isn't Opening Up!

Do you need help trusting your intuition? Your intuition is a priceless and tricky thing! It shows up when it wants and is nowhere to be found when you reach for it!

Trusting it can be hard when it's not consistent, so how do you learn to trust your intuitive side enough to lean on it and live by it? First you need to identify WHY it's not working for you!

7 Reasons Your Intuition Isn't Opening Up!

  1. You're scared! If you're scared of what might come through, then frankly, it will be hard to get to a place where you let it come through! It could be religious beliefs, the movies, etc., you've got to reprogram your mind to remember you are an intuitive being and divine guidance is available to you around the clock!

  2. You don't trust yourself! Your intuition will teach you to trust yourself and will change your life… it's getting to the point that you trust yourself enough to try that is the tricky part!

  3. You're still doubting it's real; think it is only for special people or that it comes and goes. All creatures are intuitive. Just watch your animals around different people! They will tell you when the vibes are off! My point is we all are innately intuitive beings - we are unfortunately taught to trust others above ourselves and are eventually conditioned out of this. But…choose to tune back in, and I promise you will surprise yourself!

  4. You're not being intentional! You've got to practice and strengthen those muscles! Starting at the gym is weird; you don't know what to do, and you feel silly. With persistence, it becomes natural and something you need to have your best days. Intuition is the same! Show up, be consistent, learn specific techniques, and you will get there!

  5. Speaking of intuitive muscles, do you know which is your strongest…and, are you flexing it? Figure out what your strongest intuitive ability is! You might not "hear" like I do, but you might get strong gut feelings or knowings about people or situations. You might have vivid dreams or visuals that come to you! Identifying the WAY you receive your intuitive hits makes this entire thing so much easier!

  6. Your vibe is off! Yep, I said it! It takes work to raise your vibration and to become a match for your intuition. Things you can do to raise your vibration are meditation, getting to know yourself, exercise, singing, working on self-development, and paying attention to where your thoughts and energy are going. Etc.

  7. You're floundering.

Lucky for you, if you're floundering and need to learn how to do all of the things mentioned above, I have a course that teaches ALL OF THIS!

My intuitive development and progression course is just like having me as your personal coach.

It's a video course that has over 40 in-depth videos, plus worksheets, plus mini-bonus courses inside, like how to work with your spirit guides and do automatic writing. I come at intuitive development from a down-to-earth perspective so you can understand and apply all you learn to your daily life - all day, every day!

We work on self-development, vibration, and self-doubt while also working on your intuition. Because, to be honest with you - they all go hand in hand! The more you work on one - the easier the other is!

Are you ready to do something for you? To deepen your self-connection and to shine your light in these times of darkness? I'm here to help!

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