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How To Trust Yourself And Change Your Habits

How To Trust Yourself And Change Your Habits

Do you trust yourself? If not, how do you learn to trust yourself? Looking back on life, I can clearly see the times when I did trust myself, and when I didn’t. The times I had unwavering faith in myself were the times I manifested exactly what I wanted. On the other hand, however, the times where I doubted myself I tripped, or failed, or manifested precisely what I didn’t want. I want you to pause for a second and reflect on this. Can you see seasons in your life where you were sure of yourself and trusted that things would work out? How did life look in those moments versus the times you didn’t have faith in yourself?

Self-trust is a major missing piece of the self-love equation.

We often have a hard time manifesting what we desire, connecting deeply in relationships, and thriving at what we love because we aren’t entirely in tune or with who we are. So many of us value what others say or feel above our own intuition and inner knowing but why? It’s because we don’t trust ourselves to make the right choices or say the right things.

A movement of self-trust needs to be made, and a conscious connection with the higher self is the way to do it!

Listen, we all struggle with self-doubt in different areas. In the past, I honestly didn’t love myself, trust myself, or even have compassion for myself. I had to change my entire mindset and outlook on life to get me here today.

To be able to enhance my intuition, I had to learn to trust not only spirit but also myself! I used to struggle with doubting my mediumship and psychic abilities. Once I changed my mindset, and I put in the work, I overcame that quickly! (Exercise on how to do that in the Intuitive Development And Progression Plan).

After I learned to trust myself in the area of intuition, I then struggled with the question, “how can I morally be spiritual and have a business from my gifts?”

I overcame my doubts and fears about having a spiritual-based business because I knew without a doubt that what I was (and am) putting out is for the greater good of all. It is an honor to do this work, and because of that, I offer so much content for free. I had to shift into the mindset that because I give so much of my time and energy away, my services get to be supported financially.

When I am supported for the work that I do, I can continue to spread the messages from Source and teach others to do the same. It is a privilege to help facilitate a spiderweb of light, and I get to be divinely supported in that. Plus, how magical is it to do what you love and love what you do? (This is the mindset work we all get to do!)

Before I was a coach, I worked for a company that made weapons systems. My paycheck came from making money for people to hurt other people, and it was totally misaligned with my divine truth. It feels much better to serve, so why not support myself by supporting others? (Hint this is a message for YOU too if you’re questioning where you’re divine talents can take you!)

During this season of life, I am working on trusting in the timing and scheduling of things. I continuously think about time, my to-do list, and if there is enough of me to go around.

It’s funny; because of my husband’s career, our days revolve around a schedule and a calendar. I used to pride myself on how great I was at scheduling and how organized our days were but somewhere along the line, I turned that story of confidence into a story of worry. I’ve noticed that I’ve let this story manifest in many different ways and in areas of life to the point that now I DOUBT my time management abilities. See what happens with our stories and manifesting? They will play out; however, we allow them to be good or bad!

Trusting in yourself is all about the energy you’re feeding yourself.

Are you feeding your mind thoughts of badassery as in “I’ve got this! I always get things done, life flows with me. Ease is my middle name and sh*t always works out in my favor.” Or, are you feeding yourself limiting energy? “I will never get this done. I am only one person and I am not capable of all of this. I am so ready to give up.”

It is crucial for me to always stay in alignment with my highest path and highest vibe. It’s been heavy on my mind to facilitate a more trusting relationship with myself, so naturally, I went into meditation with that intention. While working on trusting myself, I was given an exercise by my higher self.

To trust yourself and change your habits, do something out of the norm every day for 30 days.

I have chosen to connect intentionally to my higher self every day for 30 days IN ADDITION to my daily meditation and journaling routine. You can guess that my first thought was, “Do I even have time for this?” HA, clearly, I have some work to do!

Your exercise in self-trust might look differently. It could be to eat differently, speak differently, to try to improve a skill. The point is you have to be willing to show up for yourself every single day for 30 days. This will create a bond with your higher self and a lasting trust in yourself. Are you willing to give it a go with me?

For more on self-love, self-trust, and intuitive development, exercises check out the options below!

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