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Your Intuition Is Always On!

Did you know your intuition is always on, always guiding you and always trying to speak to you? If we learn to listen, we will be guided. It’s readily available. We just have to learn to get out of our own way. Our intuition can guide us to the right opportunities, away from relationships that no longer serve us, steer us towards experiences that will expand us, and help us shift our routines to align us with a lifestyle that allows for less resistance and more flow. The trick is learning when these subtle cues are calling you and allowing them to guide you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard and felt my intuition loud and clear but chose to ignore it. Sometimes, I ignored it out of discomfort as our intuition will often push us out of our comfort zone to new horizons. Occasionally I ignored it because I thought I knew better than it! Every time this has happened, I say to myself, “I knew I was supposed to do xyz. Why didn’t I listen?” For years, I was guided towards mediumship, meditation, and intuitive teachings, but I talked myself out of it, telling myself I was crazy and making it up. Recently, I kept being PUSHED towards starting a second business where I teach people to create their own businesses - I resisted for MONTHS! When I finally caved, I realized how passionate I am and how much I can serve people in this area as well! If we listen and trust our guidance, we will be taken to our path of least resistance, beyond our comfort zone, and shown what we are capable of! So, with that said, today, I want to do something I’ve NEVER done before and offer FREE 30-minute coaching sessions - of your choice! Now through October 1st, whenever you purchase one of the courses below, I will email you directly to set up a complimentary 30-minute private coaching session with me! This session can focus on life, business, and intuitive development, help you get clear on your purpose, anything you desire! It’s not a reading, but it is a coaching session with me and your guides and higher self! Let your intuition guide you to which of these is right for you! Plus, now through the 1st ONLY, I am offering 2 additional sessions on all private coaching bundles to kick off the Fall season!

Mission Manifest! Mission Manifest - Learn to manifest a life of your dreams through mindset shifts and practical application! It’s where woo-woo and science meet!  Learn More

Intuitive Development And Progression! Intuitive Development And Progression! - The number one course for learning to tap into, manage, and work with your intuition! This course has over 40 in-depth videos will help you heal and connect with your higher self and spirit guides!  Learn More

Scared Self Healing Sacred Self-Healing! A journey through meeting your higher self and inner child to write new stories, heal core wounds, and shift your mindset!  Learn More

The Roadmap! The Roadmap! A 147-video in-depth course that teaches you how to set up and operate an online business! It teaches all you need to know about having a business online, from domain setup to promoting and making money for yourself online! (This is a GREAT addition for many of my coaching students as well!)  Learn More

Passive Profit Millionaire Passive Profit Millionaire! Great on its own or in conjunction with roadmap! This course helps you with branding and growing your social media presence and teaches more about Canva, Pinterest, and the like to help you grow and build a sustainable profit online!  Learn More

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