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Why isn't my intuition working?

"Why isn't my intuition working? How do I know if I can trust it? Is my intuition strong enough? I'm not getting anywhere with my meditations..."

Does any of this sound familiar to you? It's something I used to ask myself and now I hear it from clients almost daily! Here's the thing, your intuition is always on, but to be able to hear it at will, understand the subtle messages, and get clarity on life's direction, you're going to need to finess it a little bit! 

Why isn't your intuition working?

  1. You need more awareness! Energy is subtle, and intuition and messages from the universe are like a magical and neverending puzzle, but again, it's subtle! You must expand your awareness, become attuned to energy, be open and receptive, and know what you're looking for! 

  2. You're not open enough! Listen, the universe is all about surrendering control so things can find you. We don't chase; we attract, remember? So when you are open to receiving messages in a multitude of ways and are OPEN to how they find you, it's so much easier to see the signs and receive the messages sent your way! 

  3. You need to create space for the messages! Yep, sorry friend! You need to meditate, but not to worry, I go into easy ways to do this in the podcast episode!

  4. You might be looking in the wrong places! It's all about flexing and working with the right intuitive muscles! Not sure what I mean or which yours is? Check out my intuitive development Course and listen to this week's Spirited Life Episode! 

The reasons why your intuition isn't working have nothing to do with whether you have a strong intuition or not but more with the fact that you have been conditioned out of it! 

Your intuition is your natural and God-given ability to connect with your internal guidance system! Listen to the latest episode of The Spirited Life to see how to put the above into practice today and start accessing your intuition on a daily basis! 

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