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Developing Intuitive Abilities, It’s More Than Studying A Book

It’s been close to three years since I started exploring my spiritual side. I’ve spent countless hours researching, practicing, meditating, and continuing my education. At times my brain was ready to explode with the information I was cramming into it. I became overwhelmed with the topics and ideas of others. I would become fixated on one subject and then find something new and jump to that subject, never really getting comfortable with one thing before jumping to the next.

I was taking an academic approach in learning about intuitive development; for years the way we are taught is by reading, tests, and homework. Let me tell you, that only half way works when developing your intuitive abilities. You can read and read and read all you want but until you actually put those plans into action you’re not going to see many results.

It took me a while to figure this out and that is why I now offer intuitive progression sessions. I wished so desperately for someone to coach me one on one. I wanted someone to tell me what worked for them and what I could put into practice. This would have been very helpful in avoiding some of the very “out there” articles I was reading that were either scaring me or wasting my time.

The first thing I tell all of my clients who want to further develop their skills is to breathe. Sit and listen to your breath, hear it flowing in and out…because it is then that you are connecting to yourself. If you can’t connect to yourself, how to do expect to connect to anyone else be it in the physical or in spirit? Every blog, medium, and spiritual teacher I talked too told me the only way to really progress was to start meditating.

“I can’t shut my brain off long enough to meditate”

I said it repeatedly and every client I have says the same thing.  Last week while listening to Positive Heads Podcast, I heard The Mindful Geek say that it’s not about shutting the mind off…it’s about giving the mind a break. He has some really great information on his site and even a free e-book when you sign up. If you’re struggling to meditate I highly suggest checking him out!

Some of the best advice I’ve heard about meditation is not to push away the thought’s that pop up but to acknowledge them. What I mean is when you start thinking about what you will have for lunch on Thursday, acknowledge the thought…say to it “thank you for coming to me, right now this is my personal time and when I am done I invite you to come back. For now I need quiet.” It seems a bit odd, but it really works. Once you start doing this it will become easier and easier.

Another tip I tell my client’s when they start meditating is to breathe in and out to the count of four. This will give your mind something to focus on; making it harder to have distracting thoughts pop in.

Meditation isn’t the only way to develop your intuitive skills but it is definitely a big part of it. Our human minds are so programmed to learn by standard academic teachings that we forget how much we are truly capable of. As children we don’t learn things by reading or writing, we learn by exploring. We learn by practicing and we learn by sitting quietly and figuring things out on our own.

In his short two and a half years I’ve watched my son go from a little immobile nugget to an actual kid who learns something new every single day. I love to watch him sit on the ground by himself and tinker with things; the satisfaction he gets is pure joy when he finds a solution! It’s fascinating to watch him explore the world around him and see how much he appreciates the trees, the clouds, and every single bug that passes him by. I see him talk to the birds and stop in the morning to smell flowers. When he started walking I showed him how to touch a tree and feel it’s energy; before walking away we always saythank you to the tree. I catch him all the time doing this on his own…he is 2 and a half!

We all need to remember that this is how we learn! We learn by doing, by acting, by exploring, AND by reading. You can’t rely on book-smarts to develop your intuitive abilities, that’s just an added bonus.

I understand as much as anyone how frustrating it can be to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. It can feel like you’re always on a treasure hunt to find more and you want to get all of the answers RIGHT now.

Just like school though, every time you learn a new lesson…there is usually a test, so be prepared.  The Universe loves to test us, but know that once you pass…you’re usually advanced a level!

*If you’re ready to open your intuitive abilities or grow the ones you already have, I offer an intuitive development and progression course. This is a video course where I have strategically mapped out a 5 week program that includes exercises, meditations, and tools to get you where you need to be. This program is designed to keep you safe while practicing and give you the tools you need to continue on your intuitive journey. If you’re interested but still have questions, feel free to email me at

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