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5 Ways To Recieve Clear Intuitive Guidance!

My intuition has become my biggest asset and most significant tool. I had no idea that the day I decided to surrender to my intuition would change my life forever. Since then, I have had many ups and downs, but through each one, I leaned on my intuition and felt more supported than I ever had before. If there is one thing my intuition has taught me, it's that there is a plethora of unseen support out there, and if I choose to tap into it, all will always work out for my highest good.

I've been teaching people to tap into their intuition for eight years now, and I've learned quite a few ways to receive clear, intuitive guidance. Now, I'm passing some of them along to you!

When I started this blog, the goal was to help one person who might share my experience and find support in my journey. Over the years, I have been able to help countless people not only navigate their intuitive journey but ultimately rediscover themselves and their passion and find trust in the universe!

Today, I am at a point in my life where I am unfolding yet again, going deeper into who I am and have always been. It's a beautiful, messy journey, but as Oprah said, "If I'm not growing, I might as well be dead."

I am embracing my journey, my messy, and am re-learning to trust myself on the deepest level.

All of this is being done with the guidance and support of my intuition and spirit team.

Here are 5 ways I receive clear, intuitive guidance, and you can too!

I let myself feel what I need to feel, and my intuition guides me from there!

I stopped denying myself of my feelings and emotions. I remembered they were messengers trying to tell me something about my body, situation, and life.

I feel them fully. I don't judge myself for my feelings; I honor them.

I notice where they are sitting in my body. Stomach, throat, head, hips?

I ask my feelings what they are trying to tell and teach me, and then I listen.

The key is to notice what you feel guided to do in the moments or days after. Do you feel the need to release? If so, call those feelings forward again and move them out of your body.

Did you feel that you have a decision to make, and do you feel your body/feelings are forcing you to make that decision? Listen to it! The more you ignore it, good or bad, the louder it will eventually get!

I journal….A LOT to tap into my intuition!

I am a big fan of journaling. BIG BIG fan!

When you journal and allow yourself to feel your feelings but also get out of your own way, you will be AMAZED at what comes through. One of my favorite techniques to teach my students is automatic writing.

Through the practice of automatic writing, you can get incredibly clear, intuitive messages directly from your higher self and spirit team!

When I have a question, I will write at the top of my page:

"Dear Higherself, what do I need to know regarding ______?"

or if I can't pinpoint the issue but I know something needs to come through I will write:

"What do you have for me today? What do I need to see?"

I also journal about my ideal day until it's revealed to me what I want to call in! For example, I may not know what my perfect day is, but after journaling about it 2-3 times, often my next steps or desires to manifest come through quickly and easily!

Journaling is such a fun way to gain clarity and make goals accordingly!

I use body/muscle testing to get clear, intuitive messages!

Try out this exercise next time you have a big question on your heart (but practice it first with something small…like where should you go out to dinner!)

  1. Take a few deep breaths, get grounded, and call in your higher self and spirit team!

  2. Stand firmly on the ground. Give your body a little shake and wiggle; let all your tension go!

  3. Ask your body to show you the direction for yes and no. You should lean slightly forward, back, or side to side for each one.

  4. Ask your question!

Once you ask your question, notice which way your body moves!

I lean front for yes and back for no. So, if I asked a question and the answer was yes, I would likely lean slightly forward!

If you don't move at all, take some deep breaths and try again! If you still don't move, try journaling it out - then try this one again!


Meditation is the best and most efficient way to open up your intuition and receive clear messages. Meditation allows for all of the above practices to flow, be more efficient, and allow for the mental space for the messages to come through!

Meditation doesn't have to be done in any specific way! This article will help you to try out different non-traditional ways of meditating!

Meditation is essential for raising your vibration, which allows you to meet your spirit/your intuition on their level, making communication easier!

Get to know your spirit team!

Getting to know your spirit team and especially your higher self makes all of the above techniques and intuitive connections much easier!

To get closer to your spirit team, connect with them daily. When you first wake up, touch your heart and say good morning to your higher self. Throughout the day, tune in to see if you hear your spirit team internally guiding you! Ask for signs, and when you get them, say thank you even if you don't understand them!

When you get to know a new friend, you reach out, you ask them about themselves, and you build the relationship, right? It's the same with spirit! They don't want to scare you, so it's up to you to invite them in and let them know you're ready to connect!

Remember, be patient! These connections are built over time, but once you learn to tap into your intuition, I promise it will be your most essential tool, too! To help you understand your intuition even more, learn HOW your intuition speaks to you most easily and hone in on that!

Questions? Do you want me to write about something specific?

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