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Top 8 Spiritual & Personal Development Books

A new podcast, Top 8 Spiritual & Personal Development Books, is on my shelf!

I hope you had the BEST week! The weather here on the East Coast has been SUPREME this week! Our weather can have 3 different seasons per day at times, but I am happy to report it's been a nice mix of Spring and Summer this week! 🤣


I used this opportunity to record another video podcast! This week's podcast is all about my favorite book's over the years that have helped my spiritual practice, my personal development, and to keep me on track!



One book that literally made my whole life make sense was Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth! SO MANY AH-HA moments during that one! (All recommended books linked below!)


I hope you enjoy this week's podcast, and don't forget that during the month of May, I am not only offering 30% off some of my most popular courses and 20% off coaching with purchase, but also....


The 7 Layer Deep Sessions! These sessions will only be offered for Manifestation and Mediumship Mania May! More details below!

Top 8 Spiritual & Personal Development Books

Plus others not mentioned!

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