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What type of meditation should you be doing?

Have you ever asked yourself what type of meditation you should be doing?

I have a confession: I wasn't always a fan of mediation. In fact, I didn't know a thing about it or why I needed to do it! I finally gave it a try when I hit a point in my life where my intuitive gifts were taking over, and I could no longer control them. I was also severely depressed and had no idea that depression and unmanaged gifts often go hand in hand! 

Once I decided that I was no longer available to feel the way I did, I went all in on figuring out how to become a happier and more intuned version of myself. 

That's when "the work" began, and I started to dabble with the thought of meditation! 

That "self-work" led me deep down the spiritual rabbit hole, and within six months, I became a totally different person—someone unrecognizable. ⁠Someone I finally loved and adored for the first time in my life. ⁠

The thing is, whether it was personal work or my intuitive work, I still had to sit with myself, be with my emotions, feel my body, and look at the sh*t I didn't want to look at. 

In other words, I had to meditate. I had to be still. 

I had no clue what I was doing when it came to meditating! What kinds of meditations should I do for each thing? 

Here's the thing: It is all interconnected! Your intuition will guide you deeper into the self, and as you self-reflect, your intuition will open up. Either way, you will be raising your vibration! 

What kinds of meditations should you be doing? 

In this week's podcast, I give suggestions on how to meditate for which thing and provide a few examples of meditations that can help you achieve different goals such as:

So listen to this week's podcast to see what kind of meditation you should be doing! 

And remember I take ⁠private clients⁠ to help you connect with your spirit team, intuition, happiest version, and highest self

And if you're ready to dive in but need more time before private coaching ⁠start here! ⁠

With so much love,


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