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21 Things That Happen When You Practice Self-Love

21 Things That Happen When You Practice Self-Love

Recently in my Facebook Group (which you should totally join!) a group member asked this question:

How can I know that my self-love is growing and what will the reflections be in my world?

What an inspiring and utterly fantastic question! Self-love is something that for most of us takes a lot of practice! You have to start paying attention to your words, your thoughts, and your actions.

When you’re starting down the road of self-love and self-compassion, it takes a while to retrain yourself to treat yourself as kindly as you would another. We are always so so so hard on ourselves. Most of us talk down to ourselves without even realizing it!

“I could never do that.” “I wish I had a better body.” “I wish I would just eat better and exercise more.” “That was so dumb, why did I do that.” “I will never be good enough.” “Ugh, look at these wrinkles.”

Believe it or not, we are taught to think and say these things about ourselves. The media tells us constantly who we should aim to be and look like. Most of the time if you say something kind about yourself out loud it’s viewed as vain or conceited. When did we decide that loving, approving, and treating ourselves like we would any other human being is wrong?

As you start to retrain your mind and stop those negative thoughts your vibration will shift. You actually begin to cultivate a much stronger bond with your higher self as you learn to give to yourself and love yourself. This bond is a real treat because when you strengthen that connection, you become unstoppable!

The higher-self will start to guide you towards your bliss, and once you find your bliss, it’s easier to align with your purpose.

Here are 21 things that happen when you start embodying self-love.

  1. You will start to see synchronicities everywhere you look!

  2. Generally, you will have more energy

  3. You will feel healthier!

  4. You start to manifest things like crazy!

  5. When you look in the mirror, you begin to love who you see looking back at you.

  6. Your reflection is someone who looks happy, vibrant, awake, and gentle

  7. Your eyes find their sparkle again!

  8. A sense of childlike spunk and wonder start to show up!


  10. Guidance will be given to you, and intuitive hits come from all angles.

  11. People start to treat you with more kindness.

  12. People that don’t serve you (even the ones you thought you couldn’t live without) organically begin to fall away!

  13. New friends and relationships that DO serve you magically find their way to you because now you have space and a higher vibration!

  14. Your vibration rises which leads to magical moments, enhanced intuition, connection with your spirit team, vivid dreams, manifesting all the things, and more.

  15. Your relationships get better!

  16. You start to see situations with new eyes!

  17. Colors, people, plants, and animals seem more vibrant and exciting to you.

  18. Life is much less chaotic and seems to flow more easily

  19. The little things don’t bother you

  20. You remain calmer as you move through your day

  21. You genuinely look forward to spending time with yourself!

The list goes on and on and on and on, but I think you can see that by implementing self-love into your life basically, everything becomes a reflection of your new and uplifted vibration!

Remember, you treat others how to treat you by the energy you’re putting out. This energy starts from within on how you’re treating yourself!

Sometimes we don’t see where our blocks are or how we could love ourselves more. Oftentimes we are so comfortably uncomfortable in our own lives that we don’t even know where to start or how to change. I am here to help with that!

I am an intuitive life coach and have set up a multitude of paths to help you to not only love yourself but the life you’re living as a whole.

It all starts with you getting in tune and in touch with who you are at your core!

Pick your path

Tap Into Who You Are And How You’re Guided!

This program is about learning how you receive intuitive guidance but also how to move past fears, doubts, and how to meet your higher self!

The higher self can help you on so many levels as it is the most authentic part of you! Working with my higher self and my spirit guides changed my entire life! I became happy, energetic, and started a blog that turned into my bliss and passion.

Sacred Self-Healing

Many of us have blocks and things from our past that stick with us on a soul level. We tell ourselves we are okay and that time has done the healing, but if you look at your life and relationships, you might see that you’re not as healed as you thought.

Patterns emerge in different people to teach us the same lesson over and over until we get it!

In this course, we do inner-child work. We look at our blueprints and rewriting our stories. In Sacred Self-Healing, we journey deep with our higher self to remove blocks and push past limiting beliefs.

We uncover, reveal, and heal in Sacred Self-Healing!

Work with an intuitive life coach!

You can work with me one on one to do all of the above! We will also work with your spirit team, set goals, work towards those goals, and get to the base of what you want life to look like and why it doesn’t right now!

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