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Your Future Self Will Thank You!

How do you REALLY feel about New Year's resolutions? We just approached the halfway mark for the first month of 2024, and if you're anything like me, it's hard to stick to a brand-new routine! I typically don't make resolutions but New Year intentions; you can read all about that here! 

Recently, I listened to a podcast, and the host said something that BLEW ME AWAY but made total sense! Instead of adding another thing to your to-do list that will overwhelm you and add to your schedule, why not take something away? 

Stop doing one thing per month that your FUTURE SELF will thank you for! 

What does this mean? Well, you've heard me talk about a results list vs a to-do list. This is where you write down everything you need to do, and that is on your mind (a.k .a. a "brain dump," a very professional term, right?) After you do your brain dump, pick five things you can realistically get done in a day! 

When we write everything down on paper, we create mental space! And, when we focus on five tasks, we can manage them more efficiently and have the mental capacity to focus! Two things happen here: it allows us to accomplish more (with fewer half-finished tasks). It will enable us to feel productive instead of leaving us beating ourselves up about all that we didn't do! 

Now we get to take this a step further and TAKE SOMETHING off our daily plate that is taking time and energy and NOT serving us or our future selves! So, what might this look like?

  • Stop wasting time screen-sucking! Scrolling, binge-watching t.v., video games, etc. You don't really need ANY of that! Sure, it's nice to be mindless for a bit, but just look at your phone usage; how much of your life are you wasting getting quick dopamine hits and wasting energy you could be using towards building the life of your dreams?

  • Quit staying up so late so you can wake up refreshed and maybe even a little earlier in the morning! Parents, I know this is our only alone time some days, but maybe cut it down by half and trust that with consistency, your future self will appreciate it! 

  • Let your weekends be replenishing instead of draining! How many weekends have you been so busy with other things that you've spent even less time on yourself, your goals, or relaxing than maybe even during the weeks? Use the weekends to focus a little on setting your future you up for success, even just a little bit! 

  • Stop hanging around people who aren't serving you! You are who you spend most of your time with! So are those people setting goals for themselves, are they speaking positively, are they doing positive things with their lives? You future you wants you to use THIS time this HERE and NOW wisley! Invest in people who invest in you! 

  • Stop beating yourself up! Does yelling at someone repeatedly motivate them to do what you ask, or does it make them feel not good enough? You are the same; stop beating yourself up about anything! Instead, focus on your positives, find something to be grateful for about you, and speak to yourself in a way that you want your future self to reflect into the world! 

Small little tweaks in daily routines build new, strong, and supportive habits! Here is what I am doing this year to shift 2024 into my most transformational year yet! 

  • I am working with my subconscious beliefs.

  • I am working to clear and balance my chakras and get my energy in alignment! This will help my manifestations, my goals, and my physical health! 

  • I am focusing on what I do want instead of what I don't. 

  • I am holding myself accountable! 

  • I am back on my morning and evening routines! 

And if you are ready to create lasting changes and realign your energy with your highest self and next-level goals, I invite you to join me in Elevate Your Fate, a 6-week immersive journey for raising your vibration, understanding all aspects of your energetic and subconscious self! 


Who needs this?

  • If you're ready to uplevel your energy for 2024. Starting now gives you a year to work on manifesting your goals and reconnect with the highest version of yourself! 

  • It's a chance to realign and connect with your higher self 

  • We will rewire your subconscious programming to see your worth and to ALLOW yourself to receive your desires finally! 

  • We will work on understanding, balancing, and aligning the chakras 

  • You will learn automatic writing so you can tap into the messages your internal guidance system and the subconscious have for you! 

  • This will teach you how to personally recalibrate your energy and remove subconscious blocks! 

  • You're going to learn multiple tools for manifesting! 

This program is $299 for the full 6 weeks, which is less than $50 per session!! As a bonus, if you sign up, you get my complete MissionManifest Course for just $99 (normally $327!), and you will also have access to an exclusive 5-session coaching package for only $999! (lowest lowest-priced package is currently 3,299!)

So excited for you to join me!

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