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4 New Year’s Rituals For Manifesting

New Years Rituals

2020 is quickly approaching, and y’all this upcoming year is going to be a big one…energetically speaking, of course. How would you like to actually embrace the New Year and make the most of it? Today we are going to talk New Year’s Rituals to help you manifest your most fantastic year yet!

Why New Year’s Rituals Instead Of New Year’s Resolutions?

Last year I posted a blog about why I no longer set New Year’s resolutions. If you want, you can read that here, but to make a long story short resolutions basically tell your higher-self….we haven’t been doing well enough. With resolutions in place, it allows another opportunity for negative self-talk and self-sabotage, and y’all… ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

New Year’s rituals are a way to welcome in fresh energy with intention and alignment. Intentions tell the universe: “This is exactly what I want, now please help me get there!” More on why we need to be setting intention here.

Timing is essential with New Year’s rituals.

New Year’s Eve used to be an excuse to find the biggest party and celebrate with the ones I loved. The problem with these parties was how it left me feeling the next day…not the kind of energy I should’ve been greeting the new year with!. My mind was foggy, my stomach would hurt, and I generally slept the day away. We’re all adults here…we know how it goes. Now I am lucky if I make it to midnight yall …. I’m serious!

A new approach has been taken the past few years as parties seem to be a thing of the past. Instead, I use New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to release what isn’t serving me, set intentions, and welcome in the fresh energy. Then I take the day to embrace them and align with that energy.

4 New Years Rituals To Help You Manifest In 2020!


I always clean and declutter my physical space between Christmas and New Year’s. Where there is clutter, there is stagnant energy. Clutter has also been proven to contribute to both depression and anxiety. Be sure to get your house and space as clean and clear as you can before 2020!

You’ve got to declutter energetically too! I like to take New Year’s Eve to smudge my home and do a meditation to release anything I have been holding on to that no longer serves me!

Raise The Vibe of Your Space!

To compliment your clutter-free space, it’s also a great idea to raise the vibration and to create or revamp your sacred space as well.

Ideas for raising the vibration of your home

  1. Smudge

  2. Diffuse essential oils

  3. Create a crystal grid around your home

  4. Swap outdated pictures for more recent ones

  5. Add real plants to your home

  6. Get a salt lamp

  7. For more ideas, check out this article!

Set The Intention To Release

Now that your space and body are energetically prepped to do the work, it’s time to set some intentions. Remember, before you do any spiritual work, it’s always best practice to ground, connect to the light, and protect your energy. High vibes, high vibes, high vibes!

Journal about what you want to release on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Grab a notebook and pen (make sure they feel inspiring to you!)

  2. Get into meditation and open your heart

  3. Ask your higher-self to show you what is no longer serving you!

  4. Allow whatever needs to come up – no matter how big or small

  5. Write these down in your journal

  6. Reflect on any areas you’ve been holding yourself back

  7. Write these down in your journal!

Then, I suggest you grab a blanket and go outside to release these energies!

Release what no longer serves you on New Year’s Eve!

  1. Grab a large bowl

  2. Get your journal entries

  3. Snag a lighter

  4. Fill up a glass of water

Again, set the intention to let these things go and of course, call in your spirit team to help! Get comfortable outside, smile at the stars, open your heart, and then light your lists on fire. Set them in the bowl and let them burn to ash. This is a powerful releasing process back to the universe. During this time, you may feel different emotions unexpectedly flood you – let them! This is an energy purge, and it’s a good thing!

Once your fire is safely out (use the water just to make sure), take some time to sit in gratitude for the year or years passed. Thank yourself for all you have been through and the steps you’re taking towards a better, more confident you. Send gratitude to your team for helping you to navigate this life, and for anything you have in your life that fills you with joy!

This gratitude practice will raise your vibration and put you in the perfect alignment to manifest!

Set Intentions For The New Year!

After this ritual, you’re in the perfect energetic frequency to place your order with the universe! To do this, I suggest you create an intention box! An intention box is a box or container that you feel inspired by or connected to. I decorated my own, but if you have a cute little trinket box, that will work just fine!

  1. Get some paper

  2. Hold the box and send it love, joy, gratitude, and any other energy that you want to align with in the new year!

  3. Write your intentions for the new year on a piece of paper

  4. Put the paper in the box and close it

Once you have done this meditate while holding the box. Visualize those goals and intentions as if they have already happened. After you’re done, put the box somewhere for safekeeping and don’t open it until next year’s New Years’ Eve!

These rituals will release what is not serving you and call in your heart’s desires. To stay connected to these intentions throughout the year, take some time to make a vision board, journal about your ideal day, and meditate consistently. It would also be a great idea to find someone to help you stay in alignment! An intuitive life coach is a perfect way to stay connected to your goals and will to help hold you accountable.

Happy New Year Everyone! May you wake with a clear mind, an open heart, and an abundance of possibilities!

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