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Self-Doubt Can Be A Killer

Self-doubt, it can be a killer. Seriously; a dream killer, an energy killer, a motivational killer. Having self-doubt is rough man, trust me I know all about it. I used to have a total lack mentality regarding pretty much everything in my life. I always felt like I needed more, I wasn’t worthy of things or people, and that I would never be capable of being successful like other people were. Sound familiar? That is because, at one point or another, most of us were conditioned to think this way.

Here is a list of things that I doubted…

  1. My abilities. Sure I knew other people were great mediums but not lil ol’ me!

  2. Whether or not I was a good mom

  3. If I was good enough to have a husband who was attractive and treated me with love and respect.

  4. If I was worthy of being loved.

  5. That I was pretty inside and out

  6. My artistic abilities. I used to love to paint and draw!

  7. If I was worthy of abundance.

  8. Whether I had enough drive.

  9. If I could run my own business.

  10. My life.

Obviously, at one point I doubted justttttt about everything in my life. Some of them I had reasons for; others were totally made up in my head. When someone outside of yourself gives you a reason to doubt yourself it can be totally detrimental to you. That is until you step up and fix it. I used to draw and paint daily and every art class that was offered, I took it. Somewhere along the way, someone in my family didn’t understand art and more importantly didn’t understand MY art.

Pieces of my art started to go missing or they would be questioned, ridiculed, and picked apart. Eventually, I started to question myself and my abilities. I quit drawing for the longest time and I stopped painting altogether. Art was my passion… my escape. I allowed someone outside of myself to make me doubt something I loved so much and because of that, multiple areas of my life suffered.

It may sound a bit extreme but after that, I started to question every creative thing I did in my life. I decided to push through and still work on art projects when they were assigned to me in school and in college. However, my passion and my drive were gone. Those past feelings of being inadequate made me pick apart every drawing I did until I hated it. Like I said, self-doubt can be a killer.

My plan was to be an artist but again I always heard that I wouldn’t make enough money as an artist. I really had to dedicate myself and I didn’t have the time or money to do that, so I was told. So I quit. I literally quit trying to do the one thing that made me happiest, all because of self-doubt.

Sure someone made me feel that way initially but it was MY fault that I let them. It was my fault that I let one person’s opinion make me doubt if I was good enough. Doubting that I was good enough to do the one thing I loved the most sent me down a rabbit hole of self-doubt that lasted for years. From the time I was about 13-23 I didn’t feel good enough or worthy enough of anything or anyone because I allowed myself to feel that way.

I eventually said enough is enough and I changed. It wasn’t easy but I changed, and you can too! You can reverse years of feeling less than worthy, years of self-doubt, and years of searching for someone else’s approval to make you feel adequate.

Start by telling yourself that you ARE good enough!

You’re good enough for whoever or whatever it is you desire! You have just as much of a right to be happy as anyone else does. Who cares if you’ve done some less than honorable things in the past? It’s all part of the journey baby! Go ahead and say it out loud “I AM GOOD ENOUGH!”

Psychic abilities, love, wealth, your own business. You are good enough!


You deserve to be happy, to be treated with respect, to be loved! We are all one and we all deserve whatever our hearts desire as long as it also comes from a loving space. If you want a new car but you feel you don’t deserve one or you don’t deserve the abundance to have it, change your story! Say it with me “I DESERVE WHAT I DESIRE!”

It’s time to LOVE again!

Yep, I’m looking right at YOU when I say this. It’s time to LOVE YOURSELF. Start putting yourself first.

“But I have kids and a husband and they comes first”

Nope, that’s where you’re wrong. An empty glass can’t fill another, do ya feel me? If you don’t love yourself and treat yourself with respect how can you expect another person too?

Pick out an hour a day for yourself. Recharge, meditate, start a new course, take a salt bath, go for a walk. Show yourself some love!

This is probably the hardest one for people, but it ties all three together. Everyone makes up excuses as to why they can’t. I hear that they don’t have time, the abundance isn’t there, the kids come first, they don’t know how. It was hard for me too. I never saw my mother fill herself up; she just gave and gave and gave until nothing was left and we could tell. I used to do that too, but I don’t anymore (for the most part.)

Of course, I feed my kid before I feed myself and I still read him 3 books if he asks me too. I still stay up with my husband to hang out when I’m so exhausted I could face plant. I’m not saying that you need to stop being a mom/wife/husband/friend; I’m just saying that you need to love yourself first.

If you can’t find the time then get up an hour before everyone else. If you’ve been thinking about identifying and developing your intuitive gifts but don’t have time to sit on the phone, take an e-course! Don’t have time to meditate? Do it in your car on your lunch break. These things all work and I know that because I’ve done them! If you want to change your life and get happier and healthier it starts with YOU

If this article resonated with you but you’re still not sure how to implement it and KEEP IT GOING I am here to help you! I offer one on one spiritual coaching sessions that are used to teach you not only to open your gifts but to also teach you to love yourself and how to be happier. These sessions strengthen your connection to SELF and to spirit. We can talk about whatever it is that YOU need to talk about! Life, starting a blog, how to develop your gifts, how to manage your gifts, how to meditate. Really we can talk about whatever it is you’re needing to work on in this life. I am here for you and your spirit team is here for you!

Remember, self-doubt will be quick to squash your dreams and self-love will be quick to make them a reality. Which do you choose?

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