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5 Ways to Release Fear!

Fear pops up when we least expect it and it can be relentless! It comes in all shapes and sizes and it does not discriminate…everyone is afraid of something right? Fear isn’t all bad; it is the body’s natural defense system to keep us safe and sound!  Like a meddling family member, fear has good intentions but mostly it just gets in the way.

Fear is inevitable but it is also a made-up emotion!

When we experience fear we are usually concerned about something that hasn’t even happened yet. It holds us back by filling our brain’s with “what if’s” but we have the ability to stop fearing and start embracing!

Fear can show up all sorts of ways…

  1. “What if I take a leap of faith and fall flat on my face?”

  2. “What if I ride this roller coaster and my harness comes undone and then I fall out?”

  3. What if I step into my true-self and no one likes that version of me?”

  4. What if I start connecting to spirit and have a run-in with something awful?”

All of the questions above are FEAR talking!

  1. Chances are that when  you take a leap of faith, you’re going to land pretty darn close to where you intended!

  2. You’re probably going to have the time of your life on that rollercoaster… and you will definitely live to tell the tale!

  3. It is such a beautiful thing to step into your true self; not only will you admire yourself for this, but others will admire you as well! You may even start to attract more authentic people into your life!

  4. The Universe is infinite and there are many different spirits and beings out there, but once you step into your light you will see mostly light! When you accept your gifts and start working with spirit you see how truly beautiful it is! Your fear will more than likely disintegrate on its own once you realize how loved and supported you truly are by the Universe.

I want nothing more than for every single person on this Earth to live a happy and fulfilled life and I truly mean that! To be able to live into the sweetness of your life, you have to release your resistance and release your fear! Whether that fear involves spirit, commitment, or even moving on.

These 5 ways to release fear can help in any area of your life that they are applied too!

1. Acknowledge, feel, and embrace your fear.

Acknowledge it! Where is it coming from, and why is it here now? Does this fear stem from a past experience, childhood, or perhaps old belief systems?

Now that you’ve acknowledged and identified where it came from, FEEL it! Let the fear flow through you; feel it instead of shoving it away!

Embrace the fear! Thank the fear for trying to protect you but remind yourself that you’ve got this!

Write a letter to yourself releasing all fear!

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to release fear! Simply write a letter to yourself acknowledging the fear and then release it. In this letter remind yourself of how much of a bad-ass you really are! Remember, once you get past this fear only good things will come!

Remind yourself that fear is a false emotion!

Most of the time fear is hypothetical! Remind yourself that you are not your fears, you are strong, and you are confident! Remember that nothing has power over you unless you let it!

Face your fears!

 Even if it’s just a little bit every day, start dipping your toes in the water! Take one small action each day to confront your fear, it can be as simple as making a plan and sticking to it,if commitment is your issue. If your fear is spirit related you could start to get acquainted with your spirit team!

 Seriously, meditation is scientifically proven to help with any aspect of our lives. Ask yourself to release fear, set the intention, and then meditate on it!

Individually these exercises will help you to release any  fear you have,  but together  – WHOA baby – super powerful! When you get to the other side of fear you will not only realize how beautiful a life of living freely can be but also that YOU made it. YOU did the work!

Darling…you got yourself here! To freedom, to beauty, to a life of ease. You kicked fear to the curb and you took control.

And remember…fear will try to creep back up on occasion and as soon as he does….SQUASH HIM!

Love and Light my friend’s!

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