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5 Ways To Make Your Spiritual Connections MUCH Easier!

5 Ways To Make Your Spiritual Connections MUCH Easier!

I remember when I was starting to develop my mediumship gifts; it was equal parts scary, frustrating, and exciting! Frightening for so many reasons. Would people think I'm crazy? Was I crazy? What if something dangerous came through? It was exciting because, duh! Frustrating because there were no clear-cut steps laid out for me.

I didn't know about spirit guides, grounding, and protection at the time. I certainly didn't realize there was a process to connecting with your spirit team. I wish I had known what I know now; it would have made the whole thing much more straightforward and effective.

Before I keep going, please know that patience is part of the practice.

Often, Spirit will give you a ton of breadcrumbs and then go silent. This happens when we have been given a lesson and still need to implement it. Once we do, we will be given so much more and at a higher level!

It's so magical; this stuff lights me up, friend! Learning to be guided instead of trying to steer a ship with no wheel will change your life forever! My job is to help you learn how to do it!

5 Ways To Make Your Spiritual Connections MUCH Easier!

  1. Raise Your Vibration

  2. Meditation (yes, it's essential)

  3. Intention

  4. Automatic Writing

  5. Be very intentional

Today on The Spirited Life Podcast, I am going into the 5 ways to make your intuitive journey much smoother, more effective, and hopefully, a lot less turbulent than mine was!

And remember to really get cha going; The Intuitive Development Course has everything you need even as a seasoned intuitive!

If you're not quite sure you're ready for that type of investment, grab my Develop Your Intuition Mini-Course for $7.99!

Talk soon!



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