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5 Easy Ways To Get Grounded

5 Easy Ways To Ground Yourself

As an intuitive, an empath, or a highly sensitive person it is extremely important to not only protect your energy but also understand how to manage it. When you’re an empath you’re constantly soaking up the emotions and ailments of others as if you were some type of sponge. When you’re a strong intuitive you can not only sense the energy of others but also from spirit.

In this course, I teach you how to manage your intuitive abilities and how to work with them. This course helps you not only to connect with spirit but also to helps you to better manage your moods, emotions, and life in general. Unmanaged intuitive abilities can lead to anxiety, depression, anxiousness, and more, so learning to make your gifts work for you is a total game changer.

That being said getting grounded is something everyone can do, at any time of day to help them to better manage their energy and emotions. It’s a tool to stay balanced, protected, and even helps you to raise your vibration.

Here are 5 quick ways to get grounded!

Go barefoot!

Remember summer days as a kid? No shoes, rolling in the grass, getting dirty, and lovin’ every second of it? Get back to it! Feel the ground beneath your feet.

Grass, sand, clay, mud, it doesn’t matter! Take your shoes off and just let yourself feel Mother Earth! Plus, did you know that when we sit or stand bare on the earth we actually exchange ions? This helps to boost immunity and increase your natural energy!

Know your sign!

Your Earth Element Sign that is…

If you’re Fire Sign then doing something that causes an adrenaline rush is actually very grounding for you! However so is sitting next to a bonfire if you’re not so wild and crazy anymore.

Water signs can sit by or emerge themselves in a large body of water! Water sports, swimming, boating, and even baths are all grounding activities for us water babies!

If your sign is air then going somewhere with open skies or a higher elevation can help you to get grounded. Go hiking, mountain biking, or lay on the beach and look up at the open sky and emerge yourself in it. Feel the wind blowing on your skin, fly a kite, just enjoy open airy spaces!

Earth signs can do just about all of the above to get grounded but also a simple walk in nature or planting some flowers will certainly do the trick!


Duh! Do a short grounding meditation or just become mindful for a few! 


Yes, play. Play with your kids, your pets, or just frolic around outside. Find that inner child and let her be free for a few minutes!


Music is one thing that will ground me like no other. I love listening to some of my favorite songs and really really feeling them. I like to feel the instruments within my body and practice fine-tuning my clairaudience at the same time. It’s a great and easy way to be mindful while also fine-tuning your intuitive gifts!

No matter your sign or location all of the exercises above will help you to quickly and easily ground yourself while having fun doing so! Remember, when you are grounded you think more clearly, protect your energy, and even raise your vibration!

For more tips on grounding, energy management, and intuitive growth please check out the intuitive development offerings!

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