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34 Signs Of Mediumship Ability

34 Signs Of Mediumship Ability

Do you think you might be a medium or have psychic abilities? How can you know for sure? What even are the signs of mediumship abilities? Some of us are born with our gifts, and for others, they don’t surface until later in life. For me, the signs that I was a medium were there all along I just didn’t know what they meant!

Below are 34 signs of mediumship abilities!

  1. You often have feelings of being watched, yet no one is around.

  2. A significant sign is hearing people talk or call your name, but no one actually did.

  3. Seeing flickers or flashes of light in the air is a surefire sign of mediumship abilities.

  4. Seeing colors or images during meditation or prayer shows clairvoyance.

  5. You have a curiosity for the deeper meaning of life.

  6. The feeling of knowing something or someone is “out there,” but you’re not sure who it is.

  7. You have a trust that no matter what, everything is going to be okay, and someone has your back.

  8. Mediums often know without a doubt that when they decide they want something, it will show up eventually.

  9. Seeing people or movement out of your peripheral vision is also a sign that you might have mediumship abilities.

  10. Knowing what someone is going to say before they say it is a sign of claircognizance!

  11. Sensing if someone is trustworthy or if they are hiding something, even when you first meet them, is a psychic skill.

  12. You often hear music, thumps, or noises that no one else does.

  13. You have gut feelings about things that you can’t shake.

  14. Vivid dreams and/or nightmares happen to you regularly!

  15. A sharp or sudden desire to meditate even though you don’t know how.

  16. You might have a feeling like you want to go home, but you are home!

  17. You sense tingles or touches on your skin or scalp!

  18. Constant talking to yourself (hello clairaudience)!

  19. You can easily visualize and are totally a daydreamer!

  20. You feel like you’re meant to do something big and help people but have no idea how or when.

  21. You are attracted to all things paranormal, psychic, metaphysical, etc.!

  22. People tell you you’re an empath!

  23. Other people’s moods and emotions easily affect you.

  24. Large crowds drain you.

  25. You’re attracted to natural healing modalities.

  26. You feel a strong sense of connection to the Earth.

  27. Music hits you in the chest ….like you can literally feel the vibrations of music in your body.

  28. You accidentally tune into multiple conversations and have a hard time focusing on the one in front of you.

  29. You see faces or shapes when you close your eyes.

  30. You love art!

  31. When someone is standing near you, you can feel them even before you see them.

  32. You just know things about people!

  33. Even if you’re lost, you just know which way to turn to get back on the right track.

  34. You’ve had a pulse or tickle around your third eye many times!

These are just a few of the lesser-known signs of mediumship and psychic abilities!

Of course, if you can see spirit, hear spirit, and you’re feeling spirit, then obviously you have psychic or mediumship gifts!

The signs above are the more subtle ways our gifts show up in our day to day lives, cluing us into who we are and what we are capable of! Now, the trick is to fine-tune each of the intuitive abilities! With the right tools, you can strengthen these gifts and tune in and out of them at will. Managing your intuitive and mediumship gifts will help you in all areas of life, such as your job, your relationships, and even your happiness. Trust me; it changed my life!

When it comes to psychic or mediumship gifts, people (myself included) all have the same questions: “How do I know for sure that I am a medium and not just crazy? I am still fearful of this how can I move past that? Is this safe?”

All of these lessons are covered in the video course Intuitive Development and Progression! In the course, we learn to protect ourselves as empaths, expand on each of the clairs, tap into our psychic and intuitive gifts, and build a practice. We also learn how to move through fear and doubt, how to work with our own spirit guides, and how to use our intuition day to day, not just in a professional capacity. Intuitive Development and Progression is the gift every single person needs to give to themselves to start their own journey into self-evolution! See you there!

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