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My Intuitive Development Is taking Too Long! Patience – The Ultimate Spiritual Lesson.

Why spirit teaches us patience

Patience, what a dirty word. We would all love to embody it, but truth be told, most of us shudder at the sheer sound of the word patience. Let’s face it we live in a world of automation and technology. We can now have groceries delivered directly to our doorstep, find the answer to a question within a fraction of a second, and get instant replies from those we are trying to connect with. Patience is something that we generally just don’t have time for.

That being said we know that spirit teaches us the hardest lessons. You know, the lessons that we try our damnedest to dismiss? One lesson that we can not get around no matter how hard we try is patience. If you’re a patient person then, kudos to you my friend! I am not…well, it’s gotten better, but I certainly didn’t use to be.

When I started my journey with intuitive development and spirituality I wanted it to go more quickly. For me, the process was taking entirely too long. As a kid, I could see things with my physical eyes and hear spirit externally. Though I shut it down (or tried at least) for many years when I was finally ready I expected it all to just come back full force. I thought that I should have been seeing dead people walking around everywhere. In my head, if this wasn’t the case then I wasn’t a good medium.

Here we are years later and I still don’t see spirit the way I used too but ya know what? It’s ok because this time I appreciate it more and therefore it’s a much more beautiful experience.

We are so programmed to receive almost instantly that when things aren’t happening at the pace we think they should be (should being the keyword) we get discouraged and start to believe that nothing is happening at all. Then we feel the need to give up. (So dramatic right?)

Spirit doesn’t respond to time in the way that we do. In fact, over there time is non-existent. What matters to them is the absorption of the lessons and messages that they are trying to get across. No matter how automated our world becomes, we still chose to learn certain lessons here on Earth. For most of us, one of those lessons is patience and can’t be rushed.

Think of the earth as college and spirit as the old school professor. “Put your calculators away class and show your work.”

When we are learning to tap into our intuition it’s generally a very slow and steady process, not theatrical.

It starts with magical or mystical moments for us to absorb. This may be your initial connections to spirit. Hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing, or receiving signs and synchronicities.

Then things may go “quiet” for a while. If things have gone quiet this is your cue to look around and see what lessons you’re supposed to be learning. In addition to which areas of your development you’re supposed to be focusing on.

Once you finally get it spirit says “Ok! Here ya go!” and gives you a little more. And so on and so forth.

I can’t even tell you how many times I almost gave up on all of this mediumship and spiritual “stuff“. It seemed like every time I got a few steps ahead, I took 5 backward. It was so frustrating.

All the while I kept hearing my spirit team whisper one word “patience”. I would ask for a sign to confirm this message was from them and I would get it almost instantly every. single. time. Then I would ask them, “why can’t you guys do that with everything else?!

I wanted to leave my job so badly at the time that I even applied for so many jobs I was overqualified for. I would get so frustrated and then I would hear the word “patience”.

I quickly saw that patience was (and is) my biggest lesson here on planet Earth. It’s something I still work on daily in different aspects of my life.

Eventually, I saw where spirit was leading me and why I needed to learn patience. The universe had a plan and that plan was for me to be here – doing this mediumship “stuff”. Teaching what I know, spreading their messages, and light. None of which was on my radar at the time.

I know it can be frustrating to try to develop your intuition and feel like you’re getting absolutely nowhere. Trust that spirit knows what it is doing and if you stick with it and use the right tools you’re going to get to where you need to be – exactly when you need to be there.

To speed up the process a little bit and learn during the quiet periods check this out. Learn to connect with your team and how they connect with you!

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