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Why do psychics and mediums charge for their services?

Why do psychics and mediums charge for their services?

It’s a question that I used to ponder myself; if these gifts were given by “God,” then how can one ethically charge for giving information or healing energy that comes directly from the Source? 

Today’s article was prompted by a client question! The client I mention is a wonderful woman who has an energy unlike any I’ve ever felt. She is a true light and divine channel trying to figure out her path while following her beliefs and heritage at the same time! 

“Ashley, have you ever consulted your spirit team to see if you’re supposed to be charging for your psychic services?”

I have sat with my guides in so many mediumship sessions, journaling sessions, and meditations on this exact question! Am I supposed to make money off of my intuitive gifts and talents?

To give you the clearest answer and explanation on how I began charging for my services, I need to give a bit of background. You see, I didn’t choose the psychic life, it chose me. I tried to ignore it for most of my life until it was completely unavoidable and was taking over. Throughout my life, I had terrible nightmares and lived in fear from the images I saw and constant feelings of being watched. It consumed me and actually made me quite depressed. 

Eventually, after repeated visitations from a deceased friend, I decided to tell someone about it! That person questioned how I didn’t know I was a “psychic” when she had known forever. She suggested I figure out how to get happy and practice using my intuition safely before I took it any further. 

As I began meditating and working on my mindset and self-development, the door to my psychic and mediumship abilities flew right open! 

After working at it alone (and starting a secret blog) for a while, I decided to go to a meditation circle where I met a young girl whom I now consider part of my soul family. I immediately told her what I had been working on and she urged me to give readings. 

I had never given psychic readings before, so I was super hesitant but reluctantly read for her and a family friend she had. I wouldn’t accept any money. 

At the time, I was a member of a psychic development group and asked them what they would do in my situation. All of them encouraged me to keep going, but my coach helped me to get clear on my gifts and make sure I was practicing an equal energy exchange. 

I decided to play a game with the universe when it came to charging for my mediumship and intuitive abilities! 

I told the universe to send me some crazy number like 20 readings. If I did those readings with accuracy then – and only then – would I be willing to charge $10 to anyone after. The universe sent them (whatever the number was – I can’t remember now) and she sent them quickly. 

So, I checked in with my spirit guides and said “ok, send me this many readings at $10. If they come by this time and are supportive, I will raise my price to $25”

And, of course, the universe provided. The reason I did this was to provide an equal energetic exchange. I was unsure of myself and my abilities and wanted to make sure I was helping and being of service ethically.

The more confidence I had in myself, the more I was willing to charge to support my own energy. 

It was important to me to prove to myself that I was good enough to exchange my services for people’s hard-earned money. I played this game until I reached a number that I was comfortable charging and I’ve sat at that number for years – and it’s lower than most quality readers, to be honest. 

I never realized that giving readings would light me up and drain me so much simultaneously. It became very apparent that I had to set boundaries because when I wasn’t charging anything, energetically, people started taking me for granted and becoming expectant without so much as a thank you in exchange. 

I loved giving readings and knew it was part of my purpose. I knew it was how I could help people and I wanted so very badly to help more, but I was limited due to A FULL-TIME JOB (that I loathed, by the way). 

My blog started growing and more and more people were reaching out to me for readings and to teach them to develop and control their own gifts. I was working full-time, then coming home, making dinner, giving my son a bath, and going back to work on readings and coaching until almost midnight every night. I burnt out very quickly. 

I knew my path was to help others, but I also knew I couldn’t continue that way. It got to a point that I had to choose between my job or following my purpose. So, again, I played a game with the universe! 

Do I charge for my psychic services or just stay at my corporate job?

I kept applying to jobs I was overqualified for so that I could leave my current job and to make space for the blog, but didn’t get even one hit. After a few months, I realized it was because I was supposed to be doing this. Writing, serving, channeling… this was the plan for me all along. 

My purpose on this planet is to help elevate people’s consciousness, self-love, and deepen their own divine spiritual connections. I couldn’t do that on the scale that I do if I was doing anything else that absorbed my time. 

So, I chose to honor my calling and fulfill a need. I do this through quality content on my site, blogs, videos, and programs. I do this through readings, coaching, and mentoring. My site has become a go-to source for so many people!

I get emails from people who have never worked with me thanking me for the work that I do and saying my articles and videos have helped them so much – helped them to change their lives, financial situations, and even their families. 

Believe me when I tell you this is not coming from a place of ego. I charge for my services so that I can provide the free content and help. Plus, in every mediumship/intuitive development course I have is a section on spiritual ethics because that is so important to me.

The thing is, spiritual people get to receive just as non-spiritual people do! 

God, Source, The Universe does not want you to suffer! Your work is of high service and your work helps people. If the universe placed it on your heart and gave you the skill – no matter what that is – then it was your divine purpose to share it! 

Who decided that people who prosper off of the Earth, treat humans poorly, or do work that isn’t serving humanity in any way should prosper while good people with good hearts are supposed to suffer? It’s just not the truth! 

My coach says money is neither good nor bad, it’s just a resource. It’s just what you’re a vibrational match for! Good people can do great things with money. Give it to charity, circulate it in a suffering economy, help others, and thrive! 

You can’t serve on the scale that you were meant to unless you have the time and space for it! 

You just have to find what fits and feels good for you, decide to be a vibrational match for all good things, and be of service. 

Your intuition is speaking to you daily. You don’t have to be a medium, psychic, or whatever to access it either! When you tune into the direction and guidance that is available to you around the clock your life will change forever. It will get easier, it will become flowy, and you WILL be a much happier person. This is the exact process of how I did it and how I teach people every single day to be divinely led!  

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