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What Is Pain Energy? Do We Take On Others Pain Energy?

Pain energy, what is it?

Pain energy is the hurt you feel within your body. The defensive mode that you go into, the shame you feel, and the guilt you hold. Pain energy can come on as quickly as a summer storm and hang around as long as winter. It doesn’t like to just stay where it is either, it likes the company of others.

When someone hurts us or challenges us by questioning our character our first instinct is usually to respond and snap back. We do this thinking that we will put them in their place, prove our point, and show them how we feel. Our ego says that this will make us feel better. Only, this isn’t reality because our true and natural state is love. So when we hurt another, condemn them, or pass our pain energy to them we are actually making things worse for ourselves.

Sure, it feels good to prove a point but how long does that feeling last once you see the hurt or the shame in the other person’s eyes? I read a quote once, “would you rather be right or would you rather be happy” I choose happiness any day.

We are energy and we are constantly sending out vibrations to those around us and those that we are thinking of. When we are thinking hurtful or low vibrational thoughts these signals ripple outwards. This causes more and more pain energy and more and more hurt to any and all in our path. This is why empaths get drained so easily when they are not protecting their aura. They absorb all of these emotions and vibrations which is taxing on the physical and emotional body.

When someone challenges you or your character it is hard to not take it personally. When you believe you’re on your path, doing the right thing, and then suddenly your intentions are questioned, it hurts. It’s hard to not snap back out of emotion but what if you looked at them and the situation in a different light? What if they are suddenly showing up as a marker on your path? Someone to make you question your intentions, your alignment with your current path, and if you’re indeed showing up on purpose?

Challenging people might just be there to help (even if they don’t realize it).

Someone challenging you isn’t a bad thing at all! It’s an opportunity for growth and clarity. It’s an opportunity to reevaluate where you’re at and see if you’re still standing strong in your beliefs or if it is indeed time to make some changes.

Instead of pointing out how your character is not flawed and how your intentions are truly pure, just send them love instead. Then, sit on the concept that they brought to your attention. It’s a lesson is all, an opportunity to grow. By not retaliating you’ve already proven your strength to yourself and that is the first step.

When someone is spewing their pain energy at you in a hurtful or intentional manner it is also an opportunity to assess whether or not that person (and people like that person) are still serving you.

It’s the chance to look at those whom you surround yourself with and where your energy is going. Have you outgrown the relationship? Are you changing courses on your path? Are your guides sending you signals that it is indeed time to level up? Pay attention to the pain energies you are receiving as they are often signs for you. Remember, everyone is your teacher and you are everyone’s teacher.

Just as someone can spew pain energy at you so too can you to them. When you realize you’re doing this take a step back and consult with your higher-self and see where your ego is in the situation.

We can not avoid pain energy it is a part of human emotion. We can only learn to work through it, to find the lessons in it, and to grow from it. Feel the pain, experience it, sit with it, and then move it through you.

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