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What Is A Karmic Relationship?

Everyone usually has or will have a karmic relationship at some point, we all know them…we see them all the time. Passion, “love”, fury, fighting, laughing, all within the same day and this repeats day, after day, after day. Your friend is constantly calling you to say “he treats me terribly, I just wish he would change. I know I need to leave but I love him so much.” After so many phone calls and giving all the best advice you have to offer you soon learn that your words obviously aren’t going to change anything, so you give up. 

We all know this friend or maybe that friend was us at some point. This type of relationship is known as a karmic relationship. Karmic relationships are meant to heal old karmic patterns from past lives. We learn from them and grow from them of course but in the meantime, they are painful, chaotic, and still usually very passionate.

Here are a few signs of a karmic relationship

  1. The connection is fiery, passionate, and the attraction is almost electric. In the beginning, you may even confuse this person with your twin-flame.

  2. When things are good they are GREAT, but when they are bad they are TERRIBLE.

  3. The relationship will usually involve abuse of some sort whether it be emotional or physical.

  4. The same patterns (or issues) keep coming up again and again. Love, laugh, fight, make love, fight again, back to laughing.

  5. Someone in the relationship is constantly trying to change the other person into who they think they need them to be.

  6. You both know the relationship isn’t healthy but you don’t leave. On the flipside, if you do you leave you always get back together continuing the same patterns.  

  7. No matter how much they hurt you still love them.

Does this sound familiar to you? The thing about karmic relationships is while at the time they are painful, possibly even ruthless, they can heal us in a major way!

When one person finally decides enough is enough their soul starts to heal that karmic pattern. When they leave the relationship (FOR GOOD) they break this pattern for good. Karmic relationships teach us what not to do in a  relationship thus helping us in the future. Most of the time after the karmic relationship has been dissolved for good and the lessons have been learned things change for them. This is when people tend to find true love, their true soulmate, or even their twin-flame. 

Just remember you are still going to need time to heal and learn a few more lessons from the past relationship so don’t go jumping into another relationship immediately. If you do this,  you may end up bringing some old karmic patterns with you. A karmic relationship isn’t only about the other person either…it starts with you. There is a reason you were put in the karmic relationship in the first place; whether that be to teach you to defend yourself, love yourself, or how to treat another with kindness and respect. The karmic relationship is equally significant for both of you but your only job is to heal your karmic patterns, not theirs.

A little story about a real life karmic relationship

Sydney was a vivacious, loud, super fun, outgoing girl with the biggest heart of anyone around. All her life, however, she felt as if something was missing, she yearned for the love and affection of another. 

When Sydney was 17 she met a man 10 years her senior and she fell in love. This man lived with his parents, did not have a job, and was very…very jealous. Sydney got pregnant a few months later.

Sydney got a job and the two of them moved in with her parents; the boyfriend had jobs on and off. He was so jealous that Sydney was only allowed to hang out with her family and had to be near him at all times. Little by little her sparkle began to fade. The relationship soon became abusive both mentally and physically… on both ends.

The two of them started using drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with each other and their circumstances. They swore constantly that they loved each other and couldn’t live without the other, yet they hurt each other daily.

Cheating, lying, gut-wrenching words, and poverty. The two of them moved from place to place, hotel to hotel, never finding a place to really call home. Things seemed to always be getting worse instead of better. This went on for years and then one day Sydney found out she was pregnant AGAIN.

Things got bad…really really bad. The kids were taken from the home and they both went their separate ways for a little bit…only to get back together again and again. One night the abuse got out of control, Sydney took a look around and realized this life wasn’t one she wanted to be a part of anymore. She packed and she left.

She spent weeks homeless, hungry, and depressed. She missed her kids and she missed who she used to be. It took 10 long years of being in a karmic relationship for her to finally realize she deserved better…and in her growth, she realized that her karmic partner did as well.

Eventually,  she started getting back on track and came to terms with the fact that she could not and would not go back to the old relationship. Shortly after her wounds began to heal she met someone. This man that she met was wonderful! He took care of her, this man loved her like a princess, he was there for her kids. Most of all this man  helped her change her entire life.

This story is true and is about someone I love very much. Karmic relationships are real.  They teach us and they help us grow. It doesn’t matter if it takes 1 year or 10, as long as you learn from it and heal from it, then your soul will grow.

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