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How Challenge Pushes Us Towards Purpose | Challenge Helps Us Grow

Challenge is often viewed as a dirty word. Some of us claim to like challenges but when presented with them, we have a tendency to curse them. Why is that? Probably because they are uncomfortable, unpredictable, and require strength on some level.

Recently I was faced with what I assumed was a universal test. You know when you’re on your spiritual path just doin’ your thang? You’re growing and expanding then suddenly spirit decides to throw you a curveball, ever been there? Yeah, well, that was me. I kept identifying it to spirit as a “test”. I was telling them that I understood and that I was working on it. I planned to go where they wanted me to be so that I could learn my lesson, pass my “test”, and then be done with it.

I was instead corrected by my team and was told to quit calling them “tests” and instead call them “challenges”. Challenges are opportunities. Tests are something that you pass or fail. There is no failure when it comes to the universe but there are lessons. If we don’t understand the lessons we will be given the opportunity to learn them over and over again until we do get it.

This is where we can see that challenges actually happen for us they don’t happen to us.

Challenges are growth opportunities and if we let them they will push us towards our purpose. They teach us how strong we are and where there is room for growth. A challenging life is just an opportunity to uncover yourself. Find your strengths in these moments so that you may use them to find your true purpose.

How Do We Allow Challenge To Push Us Towards Growth?

Know that no matter how high your vibration you cannot escape challenge. You must have these experiences to grow. If you are not growing you are not living.

A baby doesn’t learn to walk magically one day. She will try and she will fail. She will get frustrated but she will try again. One day there will be something in front of that little baby that she really really wants and she will take one step and then another until she reaches her goal.

When we grow through life we must be in this state. We must understand that not everything comes easy but we get to ask ourselves “why am I falling and what am I after?”

We have to let our challenges push us towards our purpose by addressing them directly. By asking them exactly what they are trying to teach us? This is where many of us flub up. We are presented with a challenge and we either run away from it or beat ourselves up about not succeeding the first time. Neither of these options gets us to where we need to be. They break down our confidence, instill fear, and allow the ego to grow.

Instead of facing defeat we get to stand up with strength and look at our challenge in the face. From here we get to thank it for whatever it is that is to come on the other side. We can show gratitude for whoever we are meant to be and whatever prize is awaiting us before it ever happens.

Either way, accepting the challenge and facing it head on allows us to grow and find a strength that we never knew before.

Some examples: When you lose everything you must ask yourself why is this happening for you? Is it because you were headed down the wrong path, with the wrong people, living in the wrong place? Is this your opportunity to start fresh and create the life you’ve always wanted? Look at these things and find the lessons in your challenges. Ask your challenge directly what it is trying to teach you.

Abusive relationships while terrible are major opportunities for self-growth and reflection. They teach you to value yourself and to stand up for yourself. When you break the pattern part of your lesson has been learned. Now, you have the ability, the strength, and the knowledge to save someone else from the same situation. You’re a warrior! You let your challenges push you towards growth and maybe even your divine purpose.

When an issue arises that takes up an abundance of time, ask yourself a few questions. What did you get to learn and what was the universe was steering you away from?

Did your website crashing teach you what to do next time? Did this situation teach you how to find peace in moments of chaos? What were you supposed to be doing with that time instead? Was your energy actually reserved by working on the task at hand? Perhaps it was a true opportunity for educational growth and knowledge expansion?

Our days here on Earth are not without trial – without complication. It is our job to learn whether to take action or have a reaction. Which do you choose?

Want to learn more about challenge, how the universe pushes us, and about how to find your purpose in life? One on one intuitive coaching and mentoring may be just what you need to push past your own barriers and blocks. Work with me and your spirit guides to return to your best and highest vibrational self!

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