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Intuitive Wellness, What Is it?

Intuitive Wellness

We’ve all heard of the term wellness but usually, it is preceded by the words “health and”. It is of course so important to maintain physical and emotional health and wellbeing but what about the energetic body? How can we improve or maintain our energetic or intuitive wellness?

Energetic, physical, and emotional wellness are really all interwoven together. If one is suffering then chances are the rest will too!

Have you ever been so mentally exhausted that within days or even hours you come down with a physical ailment or illness? What about when you’ve been giving everything you’ve got to someone or even a job that doesn’t fulfill you or treat you with the same respect? Does this not leave you feeling drained or burnt out?

Energetic wellness is so incredibly important for everyone. It is, however, especially important for those who are practicing any kind of psychic or intuitive work.

Energetic wellness starts with being aware of how you feel. Yep, there’s that word feelings again! You have to be able to notice when you’re feeling tired, drained, or depleted.

Do you take inventory of how you’re feeling throughout the day? Often times, there is so much going on around us that we don’t have time to notice where the energy drain is even coming from. Such is life right?

Maybe it’s your demanding job, then picking up the kids, making dinner, putting the kids to bed, and getting back to work until it is your bed time. Perhaps you’re a firefighter, police officer, or medical worker. If this is the case then you’re constantly around people who’s vibration is low. These people may be sick, angry, or in pain. This can be completely draining on the energetic body.

No matter what you do or where you are, there will always be a need to take care of the body system as a whole. One system can not function completely without the other.

Taking care of the energetic body means resting, relaxing, and resetting when you need to. It means surrounding yourself with people who uplift your energy instead of draining it. Energetic wellness may mean that you ignore a phone call from your friend that always has drama going on or even from your mother when you know that she is just calling to complain.

When you’re sick with a fever you stay home from work, eat chicken soup, and sip herbal tea, right? If you’re physically sick you take it easy!

If you’re emotionally drained and stressed out it can manifest into physical illness or even a mental breakdown. When mental or emotional stability it compromised you might take a walk to cool off, go on vacation, meditate or remove yourself from the cause of the situation.

Just as an athlete has to take rest days to rebuild his strength so too does an intuitive practitioner. If you are tapping into other people’s energy or they are sourcing from yours (empath) then you should be finding the time to fill yourself back up. Time to take care of your energetic body!

  1. Don’t do any intuitive work for a day or two

  2. Eat healthy – groundings foods.

  3. Limit meat, dairy, and alcohol

  4. Meditate

  5. Clear yourself and your space!

  6. Relax!

  7. Get out in nature!

  8. Ask your spirit team for some help!

The steps above are all ways to give yourself an energetic reset. Remember, mind, body, and spirit must be in alignment to be able to do any kind of energetic work effectively. It is important to take care of all three equally as well!

The Spirited Life Membership is a great way to treat o’self once a month! This memberships provides you with channeled message for the month, videos on crystals and how to use them, live calls with me, workshops, and more!! The perfect thing to help you take care of the energetic body!

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