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Grief And Psychic Awakening

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we will go through in our human experience. I may be a medium but that doesn’t mean that I don’t grieve just like everyone else. It’s a hard emotion to process but it’s also a necessary and unavoidable one. Grief helps us to heal, it helps us to accept, and it helps us to not move on but to instead move forward in life.

When the site first started I wrote an article about grief in my own family. I connected with my grandmother to see what was going on and how I could help those that were still grieving years after her passing.

The answer that I received and what I have come to understand through my work with the deceased is that we often get stuck in a certain stage of grief. When we become stuck we can also become blocked from receiving the messages and signs that spirit would like to deliver to us. You can check out that article here.

Today, however, I want to talk about grief in the sense of processing and spiritual connection.

Many people start to experience a bit of a spiritual awakening after a loved one passes. They may start to hear things, see things, and dream vividly. All things they had never experienced before. After a major loss, you may also find that you have interest in the spirit world for the first time ever. This is because as Amanda Linette Meder states, before, there was no incentive.

When we are lost or broken we often turn to spirit as the last resort not yet realizing that can and should be our very first option.

Some things to keep in mind when connecting with your own deceased loved ones.

  1. You’re going to second guess yourself a lot. You know their personality, the way they look, and the things they might say. This is what will throw you into disbelief. Don’t let this detour you!

  2. For many of us, a deceased loved one will act as our own guide to the other side. They introduce us to the rest of the party as I always say because we already trust them.

  3. Your Loved ones in spirit may knock things off the wall to get your attention!

  4. They may visit you in your dreams. When visiting your dreams don’t be surprised if they are coming to you as a younger and more vibrant version of themselves. (They will often show up this way in mediumship readings too)

  5. You may hear their words of wisdom or encouragement at times when you need it the most.

  6. They will send you signs to let you know they are around.

  7. You can also ask them to come through in meditation, to give you feelings, knowings, and visions that they are around.

If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one and you want to connect on your own then simply call on your loved one. Ask them to come to you in your dreams, this is the easiest! 

Further exploration of the spirit realm can be done by reading articles, books, or taking courses when the time is right for you. Connecting with spirit can be the most healing endeavor we embark upon if we allow ourselves to get there first!

Below are a few more articles that support losing someone we love and connecting with spirit on your own!

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