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What do Psychic Mediums Do?

What does a psychic medium actually do? Obviously we talk to dead people but HOW do we do it? I have posted before about what goes into a reading and a little bit about the process, but I have never really explained exactly how all of this works. Althoughhhh,  I have explained how it DOESN’T work…like how it’s a total myth that we see dead people walking around all of the time. I am not Haley Joel Osment and this is not The Sixth Sense, this is my life.

In previous posts I’ve talked about my two little sisters but did you know I am actually the oldest of FIVE? My brother came over last week and was very intrigued about what it is that I actually do and then my sister had the same questions. They both fully support me but still they don’t understand how all of this works; so today this article is for them and for you!

Lemme break it down for ya!

I have two main gifts; the first being clairaudience and the second being clairvoyance. This means that I can hear spirit and see spirit. I can communicate with a spirit just how I can communicate with a person; we simply have a conversation! Sometimes they give me words, other times they give me images of themselves, or memories that are meaningful to them or the client. It is then my job to piece these messages together and deliver them to whomever they are meant for.

I’ve seen, heard, and felt things since I was a child. To be honest, it used to scare the sh*t out of me, but somehow I learned to cope. One day I had enough and I decided I needed to figure it out and when I did I realized this was a blessing and not a curse.

It has taken a lot of practice, patience, and even continued education to figure out how to make sense of all of this. Self-work, self-love, mentoring, and diligence. I had to raise my vibration, learn to meditate, and I had to start seeing things from a new perspective. To do the work of spirit you have to remove blocks within yourself. Blocks are limiting beliefs or old emotions that hold us back…trust me, I had quite a few to work through.

So here is what I do

  1. I translate. I am like a telephone line to those in spirit.

  2. I talk to spirit…yes your deceased grandmother, an old friend, even ancestors you never met.

  3. Spirit guides are like our best-friend’s that we just can’t see. They guide us, protect us, and help us. I talk to them too! They always give the best advice and know exactly what you need to be doing.

  4. I connect with the higher-self…you know, that little voice inside your head that you’re always talking too?

  5. Almost every time I close my eyes for more than 5 seconds I see images and what seem like movie scenes. This is clairvoyance and this is how I mostly see spirit.

  6. On that note,  I also see flashes of light or sparkles. This is spirit making themselves known. Sometimes I see them behind or beside people, but don’t freak out! It’s probably your spirit guide or an angel – you are loved!

  7. I talk to the little voices inside my head. No I’m not crazy, this is clairaudience and it’s how I connect.

  8. Teaching intuitive progression and spiritual coaching has quickly become my passion! I love to help people manage their own gifts and to help them learn to love living this life!

So there you have it…until I can think of a better way to explain how “medium,” this is it.

For information about spiritual coaching, click here!

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