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What Can Your Spirit Guides Do For You?

What Can Your Spirit Guides Do For You?

A spirit guide is a friend, a guide, or a coach in spirit that is continually striving to help you reach your full potential and navigate all of life’s mountainous adventures. Our spirit guides want nothing more than to help us to thrive and to help us to heal. They want to see us put our best foot forward, and when we can’t, they want to be there to support us. What can your spirit guides do for you? The short answer, just about anything.

When I had my first authentic mediumship reading, the person giving me the reading mentioned a spirit guide named Stacy. At the time, I had no clue what a spirit guide was and thought that she must have been a little off because I didn’t know any Stacy. As the reading went on, everything she said was on point down to a deceased friend coming through for me to help cross over.

At the end of the reading, the medium suggested I read a few books and watch “The Secret” to better understand myself. I was a strong intuitive but had no clue at the time the strength of my abilities – I definitely didn’t think I was a medium. At the time, I was also suffering deeply in my depression and needed a way out. I found the way out through her suggestions and the spiritual rabbit hole that I went down. The combination of all of this changed my life forever.

My research led me to learn all about spirit guides, who they are, and what spirit guides can do for you!

I found that I had actually been supported throughout life all of those years that I felt alone. My spirit guides had been there cheering me on all along, but they didn’t step forward because I hadn’t invited them in. We have to ask our spirit guides to help to work with them directly. They never want to scare us, so they sit in the background, eagerly awaiting our invite!

How do you invite in a spirit guide?

  1. Meditation.

  2. Setting the intention to work with your spirit guides.

  3. A mediumship reading.

  4. Ask for universal guidance and support.

  5. Ask who your spirit guides are.

  6. Doing deliberate work to connect with a higher power and your highest self! (Learn to do that here).

The idea that I had a spiritual support team took so much pressure off of me when I realized I wasn’t in this alone. I could do a trust fall into the hands of the universe, and I would be supported all the way! If only I had known this sooner!

Here is how my spirit guides helped me, and this is how your spirit guides can help you!

My spirit guides helped me to shift my perspective.

I asked for help and guidance in forgiving myself and others. I also requested that they help me to live in my highest vibration and that they show me the way.

My spirit guides helped me align with the most amazing people.

When I started my spiritual journey, I had literally no one to talk about it with. I wanted a friend who understood me on a physical and spiritual level. I was guided to a podcast, that led me to a Facebook group, that led me to a friend who made a significant impact on my life. I also was shown the true colors of the people I thought were my “friends.” This was an opportunity for me to let go of the people that weren’t serving me to make room for those that did. It all happened very quickly, and it was easy (once on the other side of it) to see how I was supported and guided all the way.

I opened up my intuition with the help of my spirit guides.

It is recommended that you get to know your spirit guides before you start doing mediumship work. I didn’t know this when I decided to jump headfirst into the pool of spirituality.

I remember doing a meditation that came with a warning: “Warning. Extremely powerful. Use with caution. Experienced practitioners only.” Lil ol’ nieve me thought that this sounded great! Fifteen minutes later, I felt a spirit in front of me pulling my energy, and I got scared. I ran out of the room and stopped all practicing for two months.

If I had known how to ground myself, protect my energy, and practice discernment, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and time. Your spirit guides can help you with all of these things!

Getting to know your spirit guides can benefit you in the following ways:

  1. You can connect with your gatekeeper guide for protection.

  2. Feeling your spirit guide’s specific energy helps you to feel safe and comfortable.

  3. Spirit guides can introduce you to new guides! This way, you will be comfortable because you trust the one you’ve already been working with.

  4. Your spirit guides will show you new ways to use your gifts!

  5. They can help you in your career, manifesting, relationships, and more!

One of my favorite ways to work with my guides is to ask for new techniques, especially when I am on the spot! Once I was in a group reading, and the spirit was giving precise imagery but wouldn’t deliver messages clairaudiently. My spirit guides prompted me to ask yes or no questions using a 1 for yes or a 2 for no. I’ve been using that technique ever since!

Your spirit guides can help you with so much more as well!

  1. You can ask them for a sign you are on the right track!

  2. You can ask them for protection.

  3. Ask your spirit guides to help you get the perfect job (I am proof it works).

  4. Spirit guides can point you in the right direction using your intuition.

Want to connect with your spirit guide personally? I offer Meet Your Spirit Guide sessions where we connect with your guide, and then I teach you to communicate with them as well! In other words, let me help you meet your very own spirit guide!

Until next time, Ashley

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