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Types Of Spirit Guides! 

Types Of Spirit Guides! 

“Do I have a spirit guide? How many spirit guides do I have? What can my spirit guide do?”

I get these questions all the time, and what’s shocking is they usually come from people during the middle of our sessions together, be it mediumship readings or coaching sessions. Today, I am super pumped to clarify just what a spirit guide is, how many you have, and what types of spirit guides are available to you! 

The first question: Do I have a spirit guide?

Yes, friend, yes you do! We all have a spiritual support system composed of spirit guides, angels, loved ones, ascended masters, and more! 

Growing up, I had never heard the term spirit guide. I was, however, told that I had “guardian angels” looking out for me. I believe that most of the time when we are referencing our guardian angels and the work they do, we are actually talking about our spirit guides! 

Don’t get me wrong, you have guardian angels on your spirit team and loved ones who watch over you too, but that information is for another blog like this one! 

Spirit guides are like the best friends we never knew we had!

They accompany us on this life’s journey by assisting us through life’s situations and providing assistance when we ask for it! (Hint – most of the time you have to ask for it!)

Second question: How many spirit guides do I have? 

We all have a minimum of one spirit guide, but generally, we have about 6-10 at any given time.

It was pretty amazing and mind-blowing to find out that I had a whole team of “people” looking out for me on the other side. I mean, I always knew somehow that my loved ones watched over me and I felt like maybe I did have a guardian angel.

I felt these things in my body but never actually knew I had a spirit guide or spirit team watching over me until I met them myself through intuitive development! 

The first time I tried to meet a spirit guide, I had no expectations. I was even considering that I was crazy just for trying, but when my spirit guide showed up front and center, I was blown away. I had never felt so much love or so secure. It was a feeling of bliss that is indescribable and can only be felt. 

After meeting my spirit guides and learning the roles they play in our lives, I was positive that I have been supported throughout my life. Like that one time I had just started driving and pulled out in front of an 18 wheeler… that was almost very bad. I remember thinking at that moment ”someone just saved me.”

Our spirit team usually won’t interfere uninvited unless it’s an emergency situation! The spirit guides on your team, however, are always in the background, waiting for you to call on them! 

What kinds of spirit guides do I have?

There is a spirit guide for almost anything you can think of and that is exactly why you picked them. 

It is my understanding that, as souls, we pick the spirit guides that can assist us through the situations we will experience in this lifetime. We pick them because they have knowledge and understanding of how to navigate those situations – because, most of the time, they already lived them! 

You can call on your spirit guide to help you with protection, finances, marriage, kids, anything! 

You have an armor guide! 

Think of this guide as your own personal bodyguard! The armor guide protects your energy, keeps you out of harm’s way, and helps you from taking on other people’s emotions. 

This particular guide is especially helpful when doing mediumship, energy, or intuitive work! 

You have a main spirit guide! 

This is the guide that has been with you since before day one on earth! Your main spirit guide is the closest thing to a guardian angel you have besides your actual guardian angel! This spirit guide will remain with you throughout your entire life! 

Call on this guide any time to help you with anything from INTUITIVE GIFTS to connecting with other guides, and even call on them for car trouble! 

There is a spirit guide that will help you develop your intuition and enhance your spiritual connections! 

Love, love, love this guide! Your mentor guide will help you to develop your intuition – all you have to do is ask! Ask for a sign, some direction, or an exercise to help you specifically! You can even ask this guide to introduce you to other guides! 

When it comes to spirit guides, you also have….

  1. A spirit guide that you can call on for help in your relationships! 

  2. A guide you can call on for help with manifesting and finances! 

  3. A guide who works directly with your higher self! 

So, you see, we have a spirit guide that can help with any and all things we need assistance with! Some of our spirit guides do multiple jobs, while some just have one specific role in our life and leave once their mission is complete! 

You don’t have to know who is who – you just have to ask for help! They know their job and their role. It’s your job to be open to receiving and aware of what your spirit guides are sending! 

Your spirit guides can communicate via your four intuitive senses, by sending you signs, and shifting the gears as I say to create synchronicities and miracles in your life!

To get closer with them, take the Intuitive Development Course. This course will enhance and fine-tune your intuition plus you get access to the bonus courses (Meet Your Spirit Guide and Automatic Writing plus crystal workshops and more!! All are gifts inside this course!)

Thinking of working with me privately to develop your intuition, mediumship skills, or mindset overall? You can register here or apply to book a discovery call here to see if we are a good fit!

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