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The Veil Is Thin! What Does That Mean For You?

The Veil Is Thin! What Does That Mean For You?

You may have heard people talk about how thin the veil is around Fall and Halloween. Have you ever wondered why this is and what it means?

A thin veil means that you’re living basically in between 2 worlds at the same time. It means it’s much easier to connect with spirit and it’s the best time to work on your intuitive development!

Watch this video on what a thin veil means for you!

Why The Veil Is Thin In October. What Does A Thin Veil Mean? What is it about Fall that causes more spirit activity than any other time of the year? Do you notice that your intuition is heightened this time of the year? Watch this LIVE to find out why the veil thins and what that means for you! Posted by Light Love and Spirit on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Take advantage of this thin veil and abundant energy! Here are my top three recommendations!

The Collective Growth Experience is for anyone who wants to find their purpose through finding themselves!

Register for class here! Only 25 spots available and class starts on October 22nd!

When your true intuition speaks to you, it protects you, guides you, and puts you on a path to your most blissful life!

We should all know how to tap into that divine guidance and hush the ego. The Intuitive Development Course teaches that and SO MUCH MORE!

And of course one on one personal coaching with me AND your SPIRIT TEAM!

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